let me be what you hold on to, if oh you were to fall

you shall stand alone no more, my love for i shall become what you hold on to, if oh you were to fall

the first glimpse of mine, that oh my love, set upon this memory to you, made me feel oh just so many emotions within; that were all just for you to read.

oh the gaze that oh i’m unable to see, feels rather innocent to me for it is wherein i believe you brew; oh the most sweetest dreams, that oh you never could share.

oh how my love, as oh i saw you peek, oh something to me seem to knew, as to how you were wishing for the colors, like the one’s across the sky; to reside in your heart that oh my love are missing tonight.

oh my love, i wonder if the feel to you, of your hand in someone else’s, feel empty.
oh my love, i wonder if as and when you’d talk of love and all those dreams, that oh my love comes along with it feel oh just so colorless, for oh the love that you may share today, doesn’t seem that certain nor oh my love, the person you’re with, feels that reliable.
oh my love, i seem to wonder, if as and when; lips would meet, bodies would entwine; oh do you lose yourself in a space, where you feel the safest? oh my love, do you?

oh how all the coldness to your heart, couldn’t keep itself a secret for oh my love, i was but able to see the dust, on the walls, that oh you hoped to make your home, but oh how in the end, all you were left with were but tears.

but there will come a time.

when oh my love, you’d no longer would have to love in pauses or just feel it by gazing other’s in love for oh there will come a day, when oh you’d have a man beside, who oh my love, would be willing to sacrifice the weight of the peeking window within him; just so oh my love, your eyes that oh were once close to shutting, now would dream and love, openly.

oh my love, he need not have to be a painter, to make you feel all the colors.
oh how you’d feel it all, as oh your hand would fill his. oh how you’d feel it in ways, you’ve never. for that is what, a love that is true, feels like.

trust him, my love; for it’ll be with him that oh you shall but turn all those mere colorless dreams to you, into a fragrant reality.

oh how my love, you’d but feel the passion, in his words and gestures; alike. everytime, you’d find yourself in his lap, as oh your tongue’s would blanket one another.

you’d wish for these moments, to never end. oh time will seem to fly by, as and when you’d be together. it’ll be feel enough. for there will be always so much to explore. so much to caress. so much to love.

but know then, that oh my love that oh atlast, you’ve found it.

oh my love, have hope tonight, for oh there will come a man; whose embrace oh my love, would melt all that lies frozen to you.
oh he would wipe away all your tears, and plant kisses on above all of them.

oh my love, the matteress that felt oh so lonely, since so long now; will never feel the same again. for oh my love, it’ll inherit the feeling of you with him; together.

oh how even if you were to lay alone on it, you’d but smile and blush,
remembering all the warm nights, the young evenings, the lazy afternoons and oh the early mornings, that oh my love, you spent with him; making love. under the moonlight, amidst rain; adorning.
oh my love, you’d be able to the softness to his lips, even when they were apart. oh how my love, you’d be but able to feel his strong embrace; pulling you close, telling all, that oh you were his. oh my love, you’d be but able to feel, as and when he was in. as he was deeper. as he was teasing.

oh love, there won’t come a day, when oh your mattress or your heart; would feel a lonely place.
nor there’d come a day, when oh you’d gazing alone.
for oh you’d have your head on his shoulder and oh my love, a lil one, in his arms, that oh’d look just like you, and oh my love, how beautiful would it be as you’d gaze the same sky, from the same opening, but feeling rather complete this time.

loving is not a state of heart. oh it is but a way of life. you shall be loved.


with love