someday my love, i shall make you mine


oh how beautiful, it is really, my love, to be able to love;
since i met w you, oh so unexpectedly
after having to long for;
longer than i ever wanted to

oh how my tomorrow feets oh just so dreamy
for oh to be able to, hold your hands as much as i wanted to
is but a dream that oh my love is the closest to me

oh how mere metaphors, won’t justify, the volumes that oh my love, i feel for you,
and thus, i shall write;

write all that my love,
you make me feel

for oh you’re but a jewel
that oh shall light, all that is dark

as and when one would
stumble upon the kindness
that lies within your heart

oh how, when you hold;
your touch feels not on my skin,
but like a blanket, over my heart, that once went cold

but oh now, look how it flutters, my love;
because of all the care
that oh you provide me with

oh how my love, i don’t wish for you to lose your naivety
for that is but a treasure
that makes you the most beautiful to me

oh how my love, i’ve a few dreams
and oh you’ve but become one of them

the one; that oh is my most favorite

only for me to, my love, someday

when i’m capable enough

i shall

make you mine.

with love.

still very much in love, with love. oh it’s a beautiful feeling, and oh i can’t seem to wait, to be in love, with someone. for i miss the smallest of things, that oh you feel, while being in love.

oh i miss it so much. but one has to be patient, when it comes to love.

anyway, i hope to meet ‘her’ soon.


until then