answering a few questions :)

well, so i answered a few random questions.

how often do you play sports?
i don’t really, anymore.

are you usually early or late?
i’d like it late, but it’s rather early because of work or something that’s always going on in my mind

what kind of outfit would you like your partner in as you’d began making love?
i’d like something cute, but attractive at the same time. maybe the bunny costume. it’s pretty exciting

do you like to cook?
i don’t really mind cooking. i really feel that I’d like it even more if there someone else too, for it’s a lil boring to cook for yourself. it’s exciting to see the other person react to your food even if it lacks something. at least you made a memory. it’s valuable.

how often do you masturbate?
once a week or maybe more. depends really

have you ever been skinny dipping?
i’ve not, but i’d love to

what do you never hope to lose?
ummm, the way i seem to love, love. i’d like that to stay with me forever.

what job would you be terrible at?
everything else apart from what i was passionate about

how many times have you made love in a day?
i guess, around four

have you ever made a sex tape?
not yet, but even if i do, no one will ever know. but i’ll probably write something on it too and share it with the lady, i wrote it for. i kinda want to try it. but i guess i’ll have to wait.

do you enjoy making love in the shower?
who doesn’t, really?

do you prefer eye contact or not?
yess, please

would you say you’re naughty?
well, what do you think?

do you enjoy being out in nature?
well, i really do. nature excites me. oh my home will have walls, but oh it will still feel like a forest. my home and all to it, will be as close to nature, as one could get.

what’s the best way to spend a rainy afternoon? as i close my eyes, oh all that ever came to me was romance. but then, there’s so much more. but I’ll still stick to what I know.

what would your perfect room look like?
wooden walls and flooring. a graffiti, something related to love, on the wall beside the bed. a small bed for two. weights; under the bed.
lots of pictures on the other walls. a open window, where you can sit, while looking outside. a grand piano somewhere near. open sketchbooks, a canvas laid out on a stand, amidst other instruments; mixed within art.
dried sketches on the desk, from last night with a lamp nearby and so on.

what’s your claim to fame?
don’t really think about these things, so yeah

what is something you can never seem to finish?

do you like to kiss while making love?
yes. all over.

what’s the longest you’ve ever gone without making love?
three years.

do you prefer making love with lights on or lights off?
dim lights

what’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?
love, maybe? i’m quite old fashioned. in many ways.

do you prefer to be on top or bottom?

what’s your favorite time of day to make love?
all hours feel passionate when oh you’re in love and oh time really flies by, even when you only just cuddle. so, it’s really any. whenever the two of you are in sync and the most passionate.

what challenging thing are you working through these days?
to create without being perished

what are you absolutely determined to do?
pursue the dreams, i saw as a child

what’s your favorite drink?
i don’t really drink so, any non-alcoholic beverage would do

what skill would you like to master?
to be not hurt, if someone were to leave

what kind of art do you enjoy most?
the one where in which, all of them will be together as one

what do you wish you knew more about?
as to what really lies in her heart

do you have a name you’d like to name your child?
i’ll name one of my daughter’s, Jeena. and maybe, bahaar. that’s all i’ve for now

what is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen?
a daughter being motherly towards her mother.

what’s worth spending more on to get the best?

so yeah, that’s all there’s to it. i guess, no count of questions will ever suffice the heart of a person or as to what he’s thinking for there’s so much to it. but a glimpse is better than nothing.

i’m a lil blank these days. it’s just a phase. anyway. thankyou for reading.

with love


  1. Neha nandwana · March 21

    Nice one 👌 👌

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Lia · March 21

    This was utterly fabulous!!! I wish I could answer these questionnaires so beautifully. I tend to shy away from them, but this is inspiring!

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan · March 21

      thank you so much. and you can too. don’t be shy to share the different sides to you. in the end all that matters is you.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Nicole Rocha · March 21

    very inspiring, really good


    • srijan · March 21

      thank you so much.


  4. Lily · March 22

    Okay I have a question Cheese Scone or Date Scone?


    • srijan · March 21

      i don’t really know what scones are, but i’d still go with the cheese one


      • Lily · March 22

        Smart choice 😂😂


  5. amanita · March 22

    What’s keeping the White House white, is it chalk, is it fog, is it fear?


    • srijan · March 22

      colorless only when it seems to hide something.


  6. Belladonna · March 22

    Hot fudge sundae or waffle cone?


  7. Garima Katna · March 23

    a great piece , inspiring 💫

    Liked by 1 person

  8. H. R Phoenix, Author · April 21

    Oooh nice post. Oh, I have a question!


  9. Roshni Ramanan · May 29

    Interesting. Good luck!


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