when the romance to me, is at it’s peak

oh my love, i just can’t seem to wait for you a glimpse longer. oh how my love, i just can’t let time tease me anymore, for oh the passion that oh my love, i’ve for you just cannot be contained, henceforth

oh my love, i can feel you laying in my arms and oh how do i express it to you, as to how much i love it really, when you show that sweet and naive side to you, that oh my love, loves and kisses me, times i’ve lost count of.

oh my dear, i seem to love every bit of it, oh holding you tight; feeling you close; looking at you smiling after your lips had been on mine; oh they all feel just so homely to me. warm in ways, i always wish for it to never end. for oh my love, it’ll never be enough.

oh your touch, has more to it than just it’s presence. oh it ripens all that was ever withered in me.

feel as i pave my own way, so as to love you, in ways you never knew, you could be loved.

oh my love, feel me breathe on your neck. oh how i feel your palms oh so soft, as i pull you towards me. feel my light beard graze on your soft skin, and hear me whisper all that i feel for you, for oh my love, tonight you feel oh so beautiful.
let me kiss on your neck, while oh my love, you moan oh so tenderly, holding on to me, tight.

her lips on mine; her presence on me.

oh my love, lay me down, and oh let me feel you all over. let your tongue entwine with mine. oh how beautiful does it feel my love, as i graze my hands through your back, only to grab your ass. oh my love, i want you to feel, as i get hard.

oh kiss your way down, my love only to taste me in ways like you never have. look into my eyes, throughout. feel with me, my love. feel.

only to then surprise you strong, as oh i flip sides.

oh feel me my love, as i oh so gently bite your lips and oh how beautifully did your smile feel, just after? i lost myself in the ocean that is you where all the stars seems like our home, but oh my love, only when you reside on each of them, smiling.

i kiss her palm; her palms kiss me harder.

oh my love, i can’t wait to feel the way your touch ignites this very passion in me. oh i can feel, every part of me, longing for but this, tonight.
as oh i imagine all that there is to it and oh baby, how beautiful, would it all be?
oh i cant seem to wait, to hold you tight, while i wrap all of me around you.
and oh my love, i would love the way you feel; you’re; you become.

the sweet end to the wet beginning.

close your eyes my love and lose yourself to me kissing you to sleep, like no one will ever, for oh no matter what, in the end, it’ll always end up sweet and just full of giggles, for that is when, my love. i shall began to start loving you in the silence of it all.

with love