peek at how i create

i’ll be sharing rather lucidly as to how do i go about writing something. everything that i write or have written has it’s own process and a form of inspiration behind it. it could be something that i saw or felt. it could be a lady, who I like or have feelings for. or something in someone whom i do not know, but oh it intrigued me.

i do put a lot of thought before syncing the words one after the other. every word, every line and all to it: symbolizes something. it has a meaning behind it, which well may not be visible as clearly as it is to me but oh it is there.

however, today i’ll be particularly talking about this post of mine, that i wrote rather recently. the stranger who felt rather beautiful.

the beginning is rather self explanatory. the inspiration behind these words, was indeed a stranger to me, but what i felt in her; wasn’t.

while just strolling around wordpress, i stumbled upon this lady, who had just so much to her that intrigued me; that just felt so really beautiful to me. the innocence and a sense of sweetness; belonging to her heart. oh these were just one of many, that oh turned me into a poet, for her.

i ccouldn’t resist, but express. it was rather late, but oh the emotions that oh i were feeling after this encounter, made me write.

the poetry began as follows.

‘i closed my eyes, in wonder
peeking within my imagination
so as to decide, what is it really
my love, that i seem to find the most beautiful

was it the sunset sky?
or was it where the land and water met, at a stretch?

whenever I’m feeling, the most romantic and oh just full of love; to write something. to create, oh i close my eyes and imagine it all, as to how would it feel. as to oh how would i feel, before inking it within paper. and oh I wrote just that, to begin this.

this lady, who felt just oh so beautiful, had a picture of her, amidst the sunset, near a seemingly beach side.

and oh to that, i pondered, which one looked more beautiful between the two of them.

“until oh my love, my eyes stumbled upon the thought of you
and the words that you write

realizing how it all begins, only when i’d feel you beside me

under the same sky, walking against the; path of the breeze

caring not for where i’m, but only for the jewel, next to me
that oh i’ll let no tide, drift away”

oh how i didn’t have to ponder on that thought anymore, after oh my gaze caught a sight of her and oh i realized as to how, oh all that lies around me, could feel beautiful; only if oh she was there with me. for without her around; i wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of this nature as much that oh i did, when she was there.

for oh to walk under the same sky as her, feels much more beautiful to me, than walking alone under the same sky. the presence of someone; you’ve feelings for, just turns all things bland into a magical experience.

oh if I were to be very honest, during this and oh just in general, it is never really the nature, that oh i care about. it is about the presence, that oh i really want beside, for that is what i really care about and not really as to where i was. it is the love and bond, that i share, is what that matters and just adds up a lot more, to the beauty with which we perceive things. that is what I tried to portray, in the lines “realizing………me”.

the word jewel has many meanings hiding within it. jewels are referring to the sunset, that oh i saw in the sky and as well as this picture of her, where she was wearing, ornaments oh so traditional.

keeping all these in my mind, and the fact that oh i just really cared for her, for she was the only amidst all that i was around, that oh felt like a jewel to me. out of all the jewels, she felt like the one and only for me.

oh how my love, you seem to adorn
all that you visit;
all that you gaze at;
all that you hold.

i personified ‘jewel’. with the same residing thought; i expressed as to how she adorned me, in various ways.

oh how i seem to have felt, the sweetness in you
along with the wisdom and innocence

that you no longer have to carry

for these words, that i write today
will sketch all that and more

that maybe,
only i could see.

her words, her eyes, the tone in which she wrote; had glimpses of her innocence and the wisdom, that oh she had in her.

my words shall store all these sides to her and all the pain, that she carries so as to lighten her, just so she could fly again. the pain to her may not be visible to all. but oh I’ve always felt a lil too much, so i may not miss it, no matter how vaguely she expresses it.

oh how my love, i seem to have lost myself

as your rosey lips, smiled at me

on the day, when the dark skies in this city of mine

and oh your eyes; looked it’s prettiest

with colors oh my love,

that you gave birth to

on the day, you wore that white dress

only to whisper shyly; looking into mine

‘i do

oh I saw a picture of her, with red lipstick. and oh all that came to me after was ‘rosey lips’. also her eyes had mascara on them, which oh outlined them and oh they resembled petals.

just like pain is reflected in one’s eyes as and when they tear. so does their smile. her eyes, looked just so pretty. oh I couldn’t help but get lost in them.

as I started earlier that it was rather late, when oh i was writing this, hence that’s how ‘dark skies’ came out to be.

also dark skies, look rather pretty with clouds scattered and a moon peeking amongst them.

she also had a picture of her in white. white basically is an amalgum of all the seven colors. so, ‘the colors that she gave birth to’, for she was dressed colorless.

also white dresses are what i like to imagine, my lady would be wearing on her wedding day. and so, ‘I do’.

so well, briefly this was all that was in my mind and heart when i was writing this poem. i probably may have missed a few here and there, but you may have got a slight idea.

i wrote sequel to this. it has it’s own journey.

anyway, i really loved writing this. and this was the first time i added pictures, that were true to what i wrote. it sort of was what may have been lacking all along.

i generally don’t write and tell, but in this case i did. although, i didn’t say anything apart from that. was just feeling shy. still do. but yeah.

thank you for reading.

with love


  1. khobdy · April 29

    Thank you for sharing.


  2. Thank you for writing light into a sometimes dark world! Keep sharing your treasured spirit fellow writer! Christina

    Liked by 1 person

  3. A beautifully moving unveiling of your creative process. Isn’t it wonderful to be captivated by a feeling of love and to capture words that allow us to explain that love, or at least try, being so elusive, as love is. 💓


  4. Ruelha · May 11

    Your poetry really reminds me of innocent and simple times Srijan. It’s just so beautiful….especially to see intense feeling and emotions expressed in a rather crowded but lonely world…..I wish you success and happiness here with your blog and writings and in life too….take care and Godbless 🙏🌈

    Liked by 1 person

    • srijan · May 11

      thankyou so much, beautiful. very sweet of you to say that. 🌹

      Liked by 1 person

  5. darellphilip · August 18

    Thanks for sharing your writing process! Very interesting! 😊


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