perhaps, i will be meeting you halfway; settling myself slowly beside you and all that is yours;

can’t seem to see you, clearly for a lot still lies that oh I’m unknown to;

shall await, unwavered; patiently. for the day, when you’d make me familiar to all the scars; forgotten yet not


let there be a wall, even when the mist has cleared itself

it’ll be what brings you closer to me

for oh i shall love you; through it


will arrive a day, when oh my love, even you’d acknowledge

my feelings; my love


love shall thrive, breaking all barriers

oh you don’t need no walls

or the need to experiment with people anymore

for oh my love, i’ll be always there to keep you safe

find yourself in my embrace;

when close; over me, wrapped

when away; in the words that I’d write for you

oh it is to you, that i write this today

the one for me

i’ll be there shortly

until then

with love

all that I’ve written here is based on my experiences. and I’ve had a quite a few.

and oh it is all true.

however, there are two things, that’d I’d like to stress on.

1. if the one that oh you love is just not able to love because of all the hurt that she still carries; oh i ask you to be patient for oh a day will come, when she’ll be ‘able’ again. trust takes time to build. it won’t be easy, but oh if you’re willing, then all the sacrifices will be worth it.

2. halfway symbolizes someone who has lived for quite some time now. oh she’ll have her own story. all of it that is still, unread.

the story belonging to her is rather important for it’ll be what gives you the direction in which oh you should love. listen with care.

if the pain to her speaks about ‘a slap’, from a rather close one, oh make sure, you plant oh so many kisses on her cheek, so as to help ease her pain. and with time, this painful memory to her will heal.

if the pain to her speaks about how she was ‘an unwanted child’, oh let her know, how much really she matters to you. oh let her know how much really is she loved. oh express all that you feel for her. express it.

love heals all.

all that it requires is for one is to be understanding.

love away. love right. love with all you have.


  1. Nicely penned
    Stay safe happy healthy and wealthy

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  2. Subrata Mukherjee · July 31


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  3. Alwaysmissbindas · August 29

    Beautifuly penned 👌

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  4. shannenAllan · September 23



  5. Miss Extra & Ordinary · 7 Days Ago

    This is beautiful ☺️


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