a date with the one who oh lies dressed in flowers

the most sweet, there is

oh my love, let me trace my lips softly,
over your gaze, just so my love,
they could smile just as sweetly,
like the rest of you.

oh how beautiful of a panorama, you’re my love
as oh i see you dressed oh so beautifully
in flowers oh so colorful
that oh grew above the canvas, that is oh my love
the most fertile there is, even when oh so many

tried to pollute, all that is beautiful to you.

oh how my love, it has become my dream
so as to witness,
the way your eyes would hold my words
within them

for oh my love, oh there’s no place outside
i’d go;
if oh my love, i’d have you

close to me.

for oh who would ever chase the stars passing by
when oh my love, i’m but residing in the warm embrace of the moon

oh my love, let me not just stop
as you read through my heart

but oh let me, my love
just take you on a walk
somewhere sweet and peaceful
for that is all my love, i can seem to afford,


oh how beautiful, of a day
it would really be my love
as oh my love, i close my eyes
so as to imagine you

as you wait, for me in a dress oh so red
while oh my love, i shyly make my way to you;

oh how my love, could you feel me
as oh i leaned in; towards you
only to whisper, as to oh my love
how dreamy, were you looking
only to ask, oh my love
if i could possibly hold your hand

oh how my love, i saw you smile
only to teasingly deny

saw you started walking;
only for you to look back; smiling
whilst your eyes allowing me
to hold yours.

oh my love, how happy i was
but oh i was to, contain all it in me
only to find myself turn all red.

oh my love, how sweetly mean were you
when oh you joked about
how your dress and my face,
were of same the color.

oh my love, i wanted this eve
with you in it
to last a lifetime

for even just the imagery
of this imagination of mine
is making my heart flutter.

oh my love,
would you mind
if i were to ask you
to run away, for a short while
from all eyes

just so my love, i could finally meet you;
as yourself
while making sure, that oh my love, you’ve nothing else

to worry about

for i know, how much you love to perform
and oh i wouldn’t want a
mere wish of mine, for wanting to love;
hinder all that you desire for.

for oh this simple, walk of mine
oh my love, it is just not for me
but for the both of us

oh as we sit, overlooking a small city
i shall but my love
let you know all

let you know, all that oh my love
i feel

oh my love, hear me

oh how my love, i want you to be free
from all expectations,
that people seem to bracket you in

oh my love, i want you to prosper and be known

for not, as the daughter of one of the greatest

but for the woman, you’re.

oh my love, to me personally
it was always
as and when i’d think of you
the only thing that oh i’d whisper to myself

as to how

your mother has your eyes“”

oh my love, how i didn’t realize; halfway
when and how
you were laying in my arms

with your eyes closed
under a sky full of stars

but oh at that moment,
oh my love, i smiled to myself

for oh you were once afar

but oh look at us today

oh so close. oh so warm.

it was 2018, when i stumbled upon, janhvi. i remember, the way my eyes stopped being all teary, for oh the calmness to her eyes, seems to have calmed me down.

i couldn’t really forget her after that. she was always there, somewhere.

if you don’t know, who janhvi kapoor is, she’s an actress who works in Bollywood. personally, i don’t know much about bollywood but well, it is a part of her. i’m clueless really about movies and stuff like that.

but i do seem to know a lil about her. because of all the interviews and a few videos here and there. she’s a really sweet and mature, girl with a rather warm and caring nature. she also has a goofy side to her, which is rather cute. if you notice rather sincerely, you’d be able to tell the same.

she’s probably much stronger now, for the industry she’s in, asks for one to be. but then, one has to be, for the world is just the same.

she resembles my mom, in a lot of ways, which is probably one of the reasons, i found myself developing a liking towards her.

anyway, she’s not someone, i have the means to reach out to, and well, that’s okay.

I’m just happy to be able to live all that i wish for, which she happens to be a part of, through all that i write.

thank you for reading.

with love


  1. Gibberish · October 9

    Beautiful poem….if only someone can make her read these lines….😊😊


  2. Tobias · October 17

    Very nice poetry!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. poetryofemotions5778 · October 23

    Your words are of romance and beauty and are wonderful!!🌹

    Liked by 2 people

  4. poetryofemotions5778 · 15 Days Ago

    Truly romantically passionately and beautiful!!💞

    Liked by 2 people

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