oh the love to me shall be revived.

for oh i can’t let all that i’ve dreamt to this day, remain a mere figment of my imagination.

for oh tonight, the pain to me, may be overwhelming, but oh i shall not lose the part to me, that oh i held the closest.

no matter how broken or difficult the times might be;

oh i shall continue, to love.

for this is what it was all about, since the very first.

oh i shall continue, to express.
for oh this is, all that i seem to know.

oh i shall continue, to remain the fool i always was.
for oh that is all that i’m

oh i shall survive

for oh there’s no way, i can allow, this part of mine, to extinguish itself now

when oh i’m still, yet to save:
someone who never considered living, without the shackles to her

when oh i’m still, yet to save:
someone who never thought, she could be loved

when oh i’m still, yet to save:
someone who thought it to be impossible, for her to be rescued

oh i shall love

oh i shall manifest

through all that beats within me

that oh there exists;

a love; which oh is shaped to understand the respect, for the one beside

a love; which has a habit of being accepting and oh so forgiving

a love; whose etiquettes are to be kind and just innocent

a love; which oh is knitted, to be honest and oh just so pure

a love; wherein oh the tradition of it is as such,
that oh he loves expecting nothing, other than for the her to be happy

oh he loved, and oh he still loves

because loving, was all that he could dream about

because oh it was just love,
that oh he seemed to knew

no matter, how much of a faraway dream

it once felt like

oh it shall become

my reality

for oh if there’s a destiny, awaiting

it is the one, wherein i love.

oh i’ve returned. no matter, how dark or deep a slumber, oh there’s nothing, that love can’t save.

love may be rare, but oh it exists.

oh if you’re doubtful, of believing in the same, then oh let me and my story, be what anchors, this truth.

with love.