you shall only win, when you’re not scared to lose.


  1. Lucy · 8 Days Ago

    So very true.

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  2. Jessica E. Larsen · 8 Days Ago

    🥰 true

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  3. Trishikh · 8 Days Ago

    Just to add to your thought, one can at times also win by losing.

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  4. This Engrained Heart · 7 Days Ago


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  5. Smithasbakelove · 6 Days Ago


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  6. aruna3 · 5 Days Ago


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  7. footstepomaniac · 1 Day Ago

    Looks like you have lost it, you finally revived and realised and determined, and you manifested to win which you were going to ,until you again found a ‘but’ / ‘excuse’ as you smilED because of it ( past tense) and left again. Is it?!
    One can never not respond to your thoughts!!! You write so real 👍

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    • srijan. · 21 Hours Ago

      i guess, it’s something like that. but well, i still cant write. thankyou for reading :)

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  8. macalder02 · 1 Day Ago

    If you don’t risk … you lose the opportunity; you lose the possibility of learning; you lose the ability to change; you lose the chance to overcome your fear; you lose the strength that will allow you to risk the next time.
    If you risk, you win. Not necessarily specific for what you risked, but perhaps something even more valuable: experience, learning, pride, satisfaction, inner strength, enthusiasm for life.
    Your thoughts have that power to make you reflect.
    Your blog is very good.
    Manuel Angel

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