not every lady who bears children can become a mother


  1. M.A.R.S Productions · December 12

    Yes this is definitely true…I have to deal with it myself on a first-hand basis…And the conclusion that I came up with is that they didn’t learn how to be a mother from their mother. Either they may be dealing with abandonment issues or some kind of abuse so those issues are brought down to the children. Abuse that they shared from the parents…It is also brought down to the child or children…It’s a mental block that occurred during the developmental stages and their life…the lack of love, compassion and attention that they were supposed to have gotten as a child…what I call Deep root mental cleansing…we can start repairing those emotions to become a better person for our children in the future to come. Thank you for your beautiful messages I will continue to follow you. Have an awesome day. One Love.

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  2. silent poetry · December 17

    Sad, but true ❤️🌹

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  3. Enviroart · December 19

    So true

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