i won’t count the stars

i won’t count the stars
on the awaited night
when oh how she’d dress all blank
but oh still,
how she would dazzle all

she gave way to the swinging
and oh how she smiled her light
through them
as they giggled in delight; in a journey of their own
while having herself, find a place
under the sky’s skin

oh how when i seem to gaze
i do not care for her being colorless

for she’s the lady, i’d like my eyes, to color it with
for an eternity
never far, always near
but closer; in my arms
for i’ve written enough love
and caressed enough paper with my words

now it is but my time, to personify
the already personified

and love, every bit of this blank one
for oh she seems to be the only one
who is oh so simple
and rather innocent
with something in her eyes
i can’t still seem to find the right words for

oh i couldn’t help
but glance at her, for a while longer
for that was the beginning
of my love, that oh shall never be written

for all that i ever write, will be while feeling her palm; in mine
on every; blank, faded, torn
i’d find, but oh just for her

to see her smile, to have her smile more, to make her smile everyday
oh how beautiful, would it be?

oh how really beautiful would it all really be?

i wonder today

i’ll love soon

as and when i corner my eyes

under the tables

holding glimpses

for the special one


maybe i already have?

i’ve met many ladies, over the years. they were all different in some way. but still i’ve dated just one. and it’s probably because, i don’t seem to care for the most beautiful of them. nor do i wish for one, by my side. i dont wish for her to be rich, or once married. i don’t wish for her to have the same religion or share the same country as mine

i wish for someone deeper. someone my eyes sees, yet i’ve no words to express her. someone who looks simple, but is so much more than what she seems

Someone out there. Someone I dont know. Someone i’ll share all my love with

the light in my darkness; the kindest and the most caring one

for all

someone i’m destined with

until then

i dare not, give my love a name

only to keep it safe; awaiting.

with love