every moment, that passes, oh i just seem to learn more about me. and so, my growth have had it’s own share of influence in what i write.

over the years, i’ve grown to love, love.

and that is why, the most of what i write or will write; will be love. oh there’s just something about it, that just i never seem to get enough of.

oh love is the essence of my journey and all that i symbolize.

and oh i cherish every bit of it.

i’m srijan/21/new delhi, india

i was a really shy kid growing up. innocent and sensitive.
but the pain had me all changed. from sources more than just one.

i mostly write love and romance. and maybe, sometimes about the experiences that i lived through or maybe saw. women inspire me, to write. the one’s that i stumble upon, the streets or maybe at the metro. or maybe just someone, i saw through the corner of my eyes. oh they all inspire me, in ways, that well, sometimes you read, for i’ve no filters whatsoever. i share it as it is, around here. always.

a few more things about me.

i’ve got my innocence and sensitive nature from my selfless mom. i’ve got my naughty and the fun side to me from my hardworking dad. and i’m blessed to have such parents. and just lucky.

i well, crave to have a daughter one day. it’s like a dream for me to have one. and inshallah one day, i shall have one

i well play a few instruments. i’m still learning. will always

i’ve never smoked in my life, or drink for that matter. and well, i dont think i ever will

i love to eat. i’m bengali, so anything non-veg, would do

and i absolutely love nature. nature excites me. horizons, beaches, sunsets and all of it.

if you want to know more about me, you can, by reading a few questions, that i’ve answered about me.

few questions about me. get to know me better and answering a few questions about me

thank you.

with love.


  1. Sheryl Gim · May 26

    Hi, Srijan! Thanks a lot for following Thoughts of SheryL!
    You have a great blog! :)


  2. Nath · June 3

    Hi Srijan, you’ve got a new follower in me! You have a nice a blog and I love your poems! Keep writing 💖


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