i loved warm,
for I cuddled,
while spring,
made me fall in,
only to call her autumn,
when she smiled,
until I finally,
while it was,
still raining roses,
or was I still,
lost in her eyes?


I feel blues and whites when I look above while walking, and looking at the naked sky, with browns, standing tall, on which I see, small small greens, hanging, some waiting to be plucked, other’s enjoy the wind, that caresses them. Some greens peeks through the browns, on which I walk barefoot, only to see the reds and yellows blooms, for I love their smell. I pluck the reds, for my light browns, loves to gaze at them. I walk through the greens, to reach the end of it, only to now look at the blues, that stretches itself, only to see the orangish-red set, and oh it feels beautiful, for now it havens in the blues, well that’s what it looked like. I look back, to see someone in blue, running towards me, and Oh I feel a skin, on my cheek, and pinkish-red on my lips, only to see a whites twinkling, on a black, smiling back at me, as I put my skin, over her, only to feel her close to me.



Shakespeare taught me how to love,
Only to move like Michael Jackson,
Which makes me sing like Ed Sheeran,
Only to lost in the beautiful eyes of Emma stone.

Anna hathway rose like features,
Lost in her dreams, only to find myself sleeping in the lap of Mother Teresa,
Only to see myself looking up to, Swami Vivekananda.

Won’t sink like the Titanic,
But will love you, like The Notebook,
Until the very end.

Would perform beautifully like Leonardo DiCaprio,
Only to be as bold as Jake Gyllenhaal,
Strolling across the detail only to imagine as if it’s written by Jeffrey Archer,
As I slowly, close my eyes,
Only to walk, as Srijan Gupta,
One Day.


A challenge with a reward.

Okay, so here’s a challenge for everyone. Below is a passage, in which there are a couple of songs. So what you all have to do is tell me how many songs did I actually use, in the passage below, to win this challenge. The person who’d win this, I will reblog his/her post for 3 days straight in a row. Total number of people who I’d shortlist out of all the people will be 10. Criteria to be in the 10? Be very close to the number or be exact.
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Results will be announced soon after reading and going through all the answers. If you’re interested, then you may.

It all started, the night we met, as they watched us from Saturn. Oh love, we are all born to die, only to live a thousand years through our words. We’d go to perfect places, like the birds, only to start counting stars, that would led us to a green light, that made us happier, but soon, slowly we faded, as I slowly heard the thunder, young and beautiful, still. Throw a grenade, so the fire could carve the shape of you. Wake me up, so I could live these nights, with me and my broken heart, which was locked away until now. Send my love to the fireflies, that made me sing, love me again, only to find us naked, among the royals, that found the lost stars. It’s time for you to let her go, only to stay with me, until the very end. Look what you made me do, only to break the rules, that once made me happy. Oh the same old love, but still the heart wants what it wants, which asks the maps, that’d lead to your eyes, only to shower me, with the wildest dreams, that I could see. The story of my life, which is History now, that seems centuries old, only to burn now. You belong with me, just the way you’re, only to see you now stronger than ever, but just without me. Hello, I said to the paradise. which was you for me, but in the end, all I was left with but nothing but memories. Someone like you, I’d never find. A  human so beautiful, and pure. You lose yourself, only to realize, that fate could have treat you better, but not in my way. I was waiting for love, all this while only to now find myself, stressed out. Do I wanna know? The reason for this sweater weather, that once I used to spent, playing video games. Say you won’t let me go, only to ride, alone through paths, that all will just lead back to you. Oh I will see you again, only to say something, I haven’t to you. I might be thinking out loud, but all I want is you in my arms, tomorrow, today and forever.