oh my love, taste it
whilst looking into my eyes

let your eyes tease me
as your tongue visits; from the peak to the shallow

let your mouth envelope it; dripping

oh my love, take me within you

hold it in your palm

feeling the rush, through me

that oh my love, unveiled itself,

in your

oh my love, sit on my;

tasting deeper; tongue gone wild;

finger’s in action

tell me, you love me, my love; as you moan; looking above

oh i hear in scrambles

not to stop

oh my love, lay down calmly; wide open

feel me kiss around, the tender; oh let my eyes comfort you

let my touch make you feel loved

as oh my love, i

hold open; the two peels

feel my wavy arrival; threads of today, from me to you

thighs stretched apart; oh my love, feel the shades of my tongue; sucking

painting the tender walls, within you

oh my love, push me in; by hair

oh my love, i reside

in all the spaces; taking you by surprise

feel it on your skin where it’s the softest
oh my love, feel it grazing by; awaiting

oh how warm is your embrace, my love
a sense of warmth, i’ve never felt

oh how beautiful, it is all, my love

oh my love

let our lips meet
while your body dances on it

moving, in and out slowly; rhythm

oh my love, feel it in; deeper

but; harder and harder.

my love, may feel;
too soft to touch
too simple to intrigue
too sweet to be true

but oh my love, how could it not? for it is the simplicity that lies in your heart, softness to the way you’re and oh a sweetness in your eyes and oh the way you smile, were what made me fall in love, with you

for oh my love, my love is innocent
but my romance is passionate

oh how much i really long for someone such as that

oh how much i long to meet;
long to love,
long to write; for and on

oh how i wish, you’d

stumble upon me; early

oh how i wish, tonight
i wouldn’t have to sleep
with just my own thoughts

oh my love, i hope i meet you soon

for i don’t fear; not being feared

but oh i do fear, not being loved.

with love

making love in a car

disclaimer : read at your own risk. extremely detailed and erotic. thankyou.

it has been so long, since my other half has taken a break, so i thought i’d surprise, for just the two of us, and oh how beautiful, would it feel?

oh she came back home early on a friday afternoon, just like i asked her to, for i told her, that i’ve a surprise for you and oh i wanted you early, just for myself. the door bell rang, and i walked towards the doors, over the carpets. i checked if it’s her, and it was, after which i opened the door! she looked at me in awe, because i was standing naked in front of her! my hard dick, was standing up straight, and pointing towards her. i saw her tongue sticking out, and smiled at her. i leaned in, as i kissed her, only to take her in my arms, and walked inside, while closing the door.

she was in my arms, while we walked towards the couch! she sat on my lap, and my dick was right between her thighs, and she was facing me! i found her lips on mine, only to grab onto her hair, and pushed her towards me a lil more, and oh how beautifully we kissed? she grabbed onto me, scratched my back, while i slowly stripped her, of her top, and then her bra. she lies there naked, while i started kissing her from the top, until i reached her chest, and left a mark or two, here and there on the neck.

i stood up, and took her in my arms, and walked towards our bedroom, where now we had to start packing! the room was a mess, as i was packing all day! she saw, the mess, but ignored all of it and rather pushed me against the wall, and oh she kissed me beautifully!

we packed a few clothes, and made out for a while! we packed a few snacks, and made out yet again! while packing, i tried her pantie, which i later had to wear, for the rest of the while, we were together, because she wanted me to, and made out yet again, but this time in shower!

we quickly got dressed up, and took the  bags, and by 9 Pm, we were taking out the car, from the garage! i was still in her red panties, which were rather comfortable. i started driving, and after an hour or two, it was pitch dark outside. we had painted windows, and so no one could see us, from the outside. we both were sitting, half naked, w just a top on. i was still wearing her panties.

we were giggling and oh laughing, for all of it felt beautiful! she sat sideways, on the seat next to drivers, while her legs were on my thighs and kept talking about all things and about her day! we drove for miles, as we crossed, fields full of flowers so many!

i then asked her to sit on my lap, while i was driving on the highway. she sat, and was shy at first, but soon, started kissing my cheeks. i felt her warmth, as i held her, by her waist and made her lay on chest, while i drove w my other hand. and oh it felt beautiful! i kissed her cheeks, while she wrapped herself to me, as we drove away.

after a few hours, we switched places and now it was her chance to drive, while i took the seat next to her. i would keep kissing her, cheeks at regular intervals, that is whenever that oh she would smile, for i’d fall in love w all of it, yet again! oh how beautiful she looked?

i slowly took off her bra, and then kept my head, on her lap, while i laid myself straight, trying to fit in that short place. i squeezed her boobs, w my hands, while she kept driving and oh how lovely was the sound of her moaning? i slowly started licking her nipples, only to bite them gently at times, only to squeeze the other boob! while i was still laying on her lap!

the music was loud in the car, but only so no one would listen to her moan, for i was busy kissed her boobs, and oh how lovely they were? oh i grabbed the milky fluffy boobs, only to kiss them, all over! i traced my hand in circles, all around the boob, only to pull the nipple.

i slowly started massaging her pussy, which was a lil wet already!

i kept sucking, on her nipple for a while, after which, i started going down. we parked the car, on a very lonely street, where we knew, no would come.

i now sat up, and she turned towards me, and oh how beautiful she looked when she smiled? i kissed her lips, after which, i took one of her legs and placed them against the seat, while i started kissing all over her thighs! i kissed just below her pussy, which was dripping by now, and i took some of it and put it in my mouth, only to then kiss her, yet again!

i kissed all around the thighs, while she tried to push me inside, for i was teasing her a lil too much! but it wasn’t time yet! i now slowly. started kissing on the joint section of her thighs, while she craved for me, to lick her! i didn’t! i went up, or on to the other thigh, still v much at the joint section.

i made out w her clit, and sucked on it gently! i licked it, and then took the skin around it and squeezed it!  then started kissing it, until i knew she wanted me to suck it, yet again! and oh it was delicious!

and oh now the time came. i slowly, put my tongue, inside her pussy and moved it up and down, while going deeper, a lil each time and oh how beautiful was the feeling? for i felt her clit, on my nose. i moved my tongue, in different directions each time. i started going up and down w my tongue, whilst inside her pussy, only to do it faster, as and when it was needed, after which, i went in rounds inside her pussy and oh she moaned, while i kissed her, yet again!

i now, placed my two fingers, inside her, and inserted them slow, and took them out, while my tongue licked her other hole! i licked deep and took my two fingers deep her vagina, until i felt cum coming out of it. i made her taste it, after which i tasted it too and oh it was the sweetest of all!

i took my two fingers, and pushed and pulled the skin, of her pussy, at the bottom, while i gently sucked her clit! i did this for a while, after which, i sat in the back seat of car, while she sucked me! i felt her tongue on my shaft and oh how beautifully did she move up and down? i felt her hands all over my dick, while she kept kissing and licking my dick, until i moaned, only to grab her by her hair and kiss her, yet again!

i felt as she sucked my balls, only to kiss them!

we were on the backseat of the car, and i made love to her, in the doggy style for starters, while grabbing onto her hair, and making her look into my eyes, while i would be deep inside her, harder everytime! after 10 mins, we changed our position, for now, i found her, on may lap, wrapping her arms, all around me, while i started making love to her, hard. i moved up and down, and sucked on her boobs, whenever i’d feel like, only to make out w her yet again! she felt my balls, against her ass, and oh she smiled.

she now faced the other way, and i made love to her again, and grabbed onto her boobs! she moved up and down, and oh i felt the cum over my dick, that she was dripping!

after all this, now i cummed a lil over her face and inside her mouth, which she took it in and oh i found it v hot.

later we got out the car and i made her sit on the bonnet, and made love to her, after which we then got dressed up and decided to lay on the top of the car, next to each other, and count the stars, while we lay in each other arms, and oh all of it felt beautiful!

making love at the beach

oh it’s a lovely evening. look how the sunset slowly wears itself on the callous sky, for today it’d witness something, that’d make the stars above wet, just like her.

oh i’m wearing shades, only to look at her, as she’s soaking herself in the sun, but oh only of she knew, that today it’d be the warmth of our love, that’d tan her. saw her golden brownish skin, flaunting itself, as it caught my eye, only to move towards her.

i found myself laying next to her, on the silky sand, only to witness her wearing a pink bikini. her legs one one top of the other, while she’s busy reading, with glasses on, and oh i fell in love with her, for oh it’s time.

i found myself caressing her belly, as she glanced at me, only to smile, for she wants it, as much as i do. slowly i leaned in to whisper, “i’ll make love to you now, my love”. and oh how she smiled, while looking into my eyes. she dropped the book to the other side, only to make me grab her hair, as i pulled her close, only to find me facing her.
kissed her open mouth. while my hands went down into her pantie, to massage, my other love.

oh how passionate were we now? for oh our tongues embraced each other, only to never let go, while my hands caressed her hair. i brought her over me, only to find her hand sneaking into my pants, as i felt her, all over my penis.

i caressed her face, as i slowly removed a few strands, only to kiss her even more, for oh she was a beauty, only to find my heaven, in the way her lips felt on mine.

i sat up, only to cross my legs. i felt her on my lap, only to witness her stretching her legs, as we kissed away, like there was no tomorrow. my hands caressed her back, while her caressed mine, only to find myself kissing my way down!

i left my imprints on her neck, only to unhook her bra, in a glance! i squeezed one, and caressed in circles the other w my finger, only to kiss the bottom part, only to hear her moan, and oh how beautiful it was?

i squeezed her boobs, only to suck on her nipple, biting gently, only to make her moan, so sweetly, oh i kissed her everytime, she’d moan!

she wore her arms, around me, only to kiss her yet again, as now i stood up, with her on me. i gently lay her, on the sweet sand, or was it her?

only to now find myself over her, as i started kissing her from the forehead, only to kiss her eyes, while she closed her flaps. her hands unzipping my pants, only to stroke my dick.

i kissed one side of her lips, only to crave her for the other, as i felt her not letting me go down, until i had kissed her, on her left. went down, only to kiss her cleavage, while squeezing, only to kiss her all around it, at first, as then i kissed on it, later. and oh it felt, lovely.

while i was busy squeezing her boobs so fluffy, my hands were already visiting her pussy, that was awaiting my entry, for so long, and oh she was dripping.

i kissed her bellybutton, as i took my wet hands out of her underwear, and licked it, while she smiled at me.

all this sand around us, with shells so many, while a sun, that’s now setting, only to welcome the moon, with the sound of her moans, for oh i was kissing her thighs that were close to her pussy so pink. i kissed all around her thighs, only to now start kissing her pussy. i kissed every bit of it, licking in intervals so random, i witnessed her grabbing the loose sand.

she moved a lil, while, i caught hold of her clit, only to open her legs wide, as i sucked on it! i made out with her clit, while my fingers paid her pussy a visit, slowly at first, only to go harder as time would pass.

the wet sand glistened along with the stars, that witnessed this sight. a cold breeze adorned this feeling, only to lay down, as slowly my tongue moved in directions, inside her pussy. this went on for a while, only to now witness her get up, while i was still on the ground.

she asked me close my eyes, while she took of my pants, only to find my dick, still hard.
i then found my body except my face and my stuff, all covered in sand. all plain, only it’s standing.

felt her hand, playing w my dick, only to slowly feel her tongue all over my shaft. oh gentle was she? for oh it felt great! while sucking on my dick, i felt her hands fiddling with my balls. soon, her tongue caressed my balls, only to gently grab it’s skin, while i moaned away.

felt her sitting on my mouth, while i licked her all up, only to feel her ass over my dick.
it was inside and oh it felt great, for she was moving her ass up and down, while she looked into my eyes. i freed myself, from the sand, only to pull her close, as i felt her chest on mine, only to now go deeper than ever, while my hands held her by her waist.

i stood up, only to walk towards the waves. while still inside her.

we were around water, only to now make love to her, in the position so missionary, while the cold water greeted us, and oh the feeling was exquisite and so were the movements.

slowly i went harder and harder, everytime, only to find her in the crawling position, while i was standing! and oh i was inside, slowly in the start, only to go faster.

and oh with this, we ended this night, that we’d never forget, for oh we made love under the stars, only to now gaze at them, while we lay on this cold beach of ours, in each other’s arms!

well, i also happen to know a beach, where no one really goes. so, this might just become true in the near future. i’m working out a lot lately, because i’ll be in mumbai soon. probably will rental an uber and move around the city. it’d be fun.
in summers, you sweat like anything. i’m all sweaty w/o my shirt after a few reps. it feels good, but still. miss winters, already. 
see you.


Making love in a bath!

It was a tiring weekend for her, as I heard her announce it; as she entered the house, oh only if she knew what awaits her. You asked for a glass of water, but oh my love, instead I came with a few cubes of ice, in my mouth, and oh how it melted into water, as oh I kissed you, only to leave you out of breath; longing for more.
oh i asked you to wear a swimsuit, for you thought we will be paying a visit to the pool, but oh my love, we would, but only if they would allow orgasms there.

You entered and oh i saw you smile,  looking all exquisite , as you slowly came to me, gazing, as I lay naked, in the bathtub, waiting just for you.
A few candles, put me in limelight, for they paved the way, just for you to see.
oh how my love, i asked you then, if you’d open the tap for me, so that the water could caress me; only wishing it was you. I saw you open the tap, while your eyes, locked themselves to mine, as I slowly felt your hands exploring, only to hold it, in your hands, while I smiled, and pulled you closer; on me. i caressed your hair away, and oh how our lips, walked towards each other, only to meet, and it was bliss, for us.

You lay on top of me, as I felt your hand on my dick, rubbing it, while we kissed, only to feel these flames, flickering, to paint a picture, that we’d never forget.
I now got up, and held you close, while I kissed your neck, with a boner,
against your abdomen, waiting in delight, only to see it move, or was it me? I saw my hand, finding a way, inside your swimsuit, only to slowly, massage it slowly, while feeling a few strands.

I felt your arms wrapping me, as I slowly started to, tear your swimsuit;
oh how my hands, explored all of you, as the passion in me, began to reach it’s peak.

oh how you lay naked now, in water, as I opened your legs wide, only to shave it for you, while oh you couldn’t stop smiling, only to see ourselves whisper, “I love you”. And oh how, when i was done, i leaned in, only for my tongue to explore  the inner layers, on which, I tasted my name. I felt your hands, on my hair, pushing me deeper.
Oh how as i  kissed your clit, only to suck it gently later,  I heard you moan. Oh I heard you say stop, only to make me go harder, while my tongue and fingers, worked in sync; waiting to enter.

Slowly we rose, only to now stand under the shower, as the water filled with our sensual desires, dripped, only to make me grab your hair, as I made you sat down, only to see it in your mouth. As you’d go up and down, or was it me pushing? I felt your tongue, on the tip, that oh made me moan, and oh how my love, then you sucked my balls; licking all to them and oh how i loved, every bit of it. Oh love, how you looked into my eyes, while I gagged you, with it, for it’s the way, it’s done, for some. Only to later make me sit on your mouth, while I held on to your thighs, pushing you deeper, for you’re mine, like I am yours.

I pushed you against the wall, only to lift your leg, as I slowly placed it on my shoulder, only to go inside you, deeper everytime, while you moaned and moaned

Oh how you sat on my dick, while i made love you, on the bathtub

oh my love, there was so much more to it, but oh it’ll be but mystery

for my romance is but for you

And oh now to end this delightful, evening; we lay on the bed, later as I fed you the dinner that  oh i had prepared for you, for it was time, for me to tell you a poetry, I’d be able to write, by just looking at you, as we lay oh so pleased and in love.

Making love in the rain.


I see a shadowy sky, looking right at us, only if it knew, what we had in mind for it. In a house of our own, with just the two of us, let lust be the ink, that’d write story of you and me, being one again. Living a life, that people dream of. And doing things that people dream about.

I saw you calling me outside, as you kept looking at the sky, wearing a long sleeve crop top, and a black underwear. I came from behind, spanking your ass, in my underwear, as you slowly turned to me, only to see your hands feel my abs, only to later see them over my underwear, feeling it away. I took you in my arms, only to pull you closer, as you started my rubbing your hands over it, only to make me grab your hair, kiss you deep.

I felt a lightening, that struck nearby, only to make my hand slid down your underwear, to caress what’s mine to discover. Oh baby, drops, I felt them on me, only to pick you up, your arms around me, only kiss you away. Oh, I love you, I whispered, as my hands held your ass, squeezing it gently, only to lick your ear, while you giggled away, and caught a drop, in your tongue, which later was in mine, as we kissed. Drop by drop, the rain got fiercer, and made us hungrier for each other, only to make me strip you down. I tore your crop top, while you gave me a naughty smile, as I looked at your boobs, that I went to kiss, only to hear you moan, and you wishing it would never end. Oh baby, you ran away, all wet, only to tease me, but not for long.

I caught you, at last only to witness you dance, while I fell in love with you, yet again, as you reminded me of how lucky I was, to have you for the rest of my life. I smiled, as you asked me with innocent eyes to strip me down, only to hold it in your hands and later in your mouth. All wet, me and you in everyway, as I looked up to watch as the droplets, fell on me, and feel your tongue over mine, kissing it all over. Oh baby, I gently lay you, on a floor full of water, little more than 2 cm, only to spread your legs, as I started to lick away, only to later put two fingers inside, and move in motions, that’d make you moan.

The rain on us, but nothing can stop me, as I now lay over you, only to go inside you slowly, in the beginning, And faster as the rain scratched my back, or was it you? Oh baby, feel me pounding you, as the rain cleaned us, made you look so hot. Oh love, as I slowly picked you up, and made love to you against the wall, my hand on your neck, and going inside you slowly, but only I knew in which hole. You felt it, you wanted it, You had it, only to want it to never end.

Oh baby, the water that surrounds us today, will never be able to drown what we have, as today even it witnessed us, making love, only to later sleep next to you, in a warm bed, under a blanket, and it still inside you. All night.

Making love


Don’t read if you’re too young.

It’s the perfect night for us to sail the seas of lust. Oh as the night started to darken, I could feel , the wind, lighting up the way to the bed, where you were lying, reading a book, in your underwear, only to make me adore you from a distance. Oh our eyes met, and a silence prevailed that won’t last long.

I came closer, only to place my hands on your thighs, your eyes in mine, and Oh we wished it lasted longer. As you slowly held my hand, your eyes blinking only to say what the silence couldn’t! I pulled you closer, only to place my hand on your cheeks, only to feel yours later, as I slowly felt yours on my boxers, feeling what can be felt, but is much better tasted. “Oh I’d love to”, you said.

Oh I felt you on my lap, only to smile as your lips touched mine, and our tongues wrote a story together, which was our lil secret. Oh I grabbed your only to pull you towards me, as  I slowly caressed you, with my lips and smiled, only to see the moon, as my eyes twinkled. Oh your neck trying to echo my name, but only if it knew, I can hear the emotions that speaks from within. As I slowly write my poetry on your neck while you grab on to my back, only to feel your hands all over them.

As now I slowly lay you on the bed, only to strip you down, as I slowly remove your top, only to unhook you w my mouth, and make you mine yet again. As we lie naked, only to be on top of you, only to slowly feel your, and later fiddle with the stiff. Oh you moaned.
Oh I feel you, as you slowly place your hand on it, only to make me feel things I never had. As my tongue got to work, you did too, but could you? Oh how could you, when you were busy feeling a sensation that felt so pleasing but made you wet, only to make me taste what’s just mine to taste.

I felt your hand, only to moisten it, until you knew I had enough. Oh how beautiful it was, your eyes in mine, only to see you gag yourself, for me. Oh you won”t stop, nor did I wanted you to ever, but Oh I saw myself laying you down, only to open it w my fingers, one inside as I slowly started, licking in motions so different, only to feel you grab me w your legs, and push me deep inside.

Now it was time for me to be inside you, as I slowly, put it inside, only to make you look into my eyes, while you still were lying down. Now the tables turned, only to see you over me, and as you placed it yourself, only to make me suck things so tender. Oh I pushed you down, only to go deeper each time, until I felt something wet all over.

I saw it still rising, only to lift you up in the air, and against the wall, we went, only to feel you wanting more. Oh how we wished it never ended. only to lay down on the bed w blankets on, only to live through the what’s left of the sensual night.

Judge me all you want, I am still going to shine.

Sensual night.

Amidst stars I reside, with eyes still closed,

I see it.

I stood seduced, as the night lingers over my skin,

Oh the touch, my eyes in hers, her lips on mine,

She over me, I over her, or was the night drunk?

She waited with legs wide open, the night’s watching,

My lips caressing, only to listen her moan,

Clouds, the stars now lie concealed.

Naked we both stood, like the night,

My hands all over her body,

Exploring the seas, I started the journey,

Kissing away the waves, farewell.

I reach out, two moons stood before me,

Her hands paves the path,

Fiddling away to glory, I smiled,

The night lies blind, deaf to her moaning,

I hear it, she sings!

Her body painted with my arms, until I completed her,

Inside, I stood now, pushing away,

Only to stop, never.

Thunder’s, I hear them, the night’s veil, now lost.

The stars twinkled, the moon glistened,

The nights back, refraining thoughts,

Faded with the sounds, but one,

Sucking away to please, as I am not afraid anymore,

To face the night’s, as it’s our time,

Starting now, ending only when she’d be wet,

With no more the night, Interevene.