mere dil ka ek khayal; woh

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jisne khoya unhe
jinhone milaya unn taaro se

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jinki halki muskurahat ne
sil diye mere saare sapne, abh basna hai mughe sirf wahan, jaa rahe woh

mere dil ka ek khayal woh
jinka paana hai saath, mere in haathon mein
sajane mughe kitne sapne, unko paake apni baahon mein
pochne unke saare dukh, jo dikhe unki aakhon mein

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jinki bholi si muskan mein, mughe mile apna sab
kho jau sapno mein, jaa rahe sirf woh
lage kitna sundar, jab meri palke khule har subeh
aur paaye sirf unhe

mere dil ka ek khayal woh; jo hai jaise ek raag
kyuki sajaya unhone, meri iss zindagi ko

mere dil ka ek khayal woh
khoju main, unhe har subeh
lagane ke liye gale, aur kare woh mehsoos
kuch fool, unki baalon mein
jinko lgaya maine, par khilwaye woh

mere dil ka ek khayal woh, jinse na hoke bhi, hua mughe pyaar

meri sirf ek mankirat usse, jo likhe sab
milade hume; ek baar, mila de
fir na chootega humara yeh saath,
jiske baare mein btaye aaj, mere yeh kuch alfaz
kyuki mere dil ka sirf ek khayal; woh

wrote this in hindi. wishing could recite this to her. for it’s just me, who knows how to recite this. there are some parts to it, which are soft. some have passion. some have tears in them.

it felt nice, to write love after a long time. wondering how would it feel, to walk up to a lady with a piece of paper, just so i could just express what i wrote. maybe i’ll know, one day.

with love, until then