oh there’s an elegance and manner, to her

which is rather mesmerizing

so is the simplicity to her

that oh is but beautiful

oh how I’ve glanced at her eyes, a few times now

wondering, what is it that is but making her upset

for her eyes, never seem to smile

oh I feel a calmness in her

a peace; which tells me

how the one who she loves

will oh be lucky

for oh she’d love in a way oh so warmly

only to build a home, with him

and oh how beautiful, would it all be?

for then, she’ll but smile, genuinely

while being in love

and have a home

until forever

i wrote this a while ago. i didn’t add or change anything to this for, i guess it just feels better, if it’s more organic and natural

nuzhat was a girl in my batch. the meaning of her name is “precious”. i noticed her this one day when she wearing all blue. also had this cute blue hairband. she was looking rather pretty and just adorable.
as i’m just someone who cannot control his emotions, i remember texting later that day on this group chat of our batch, “the sky looked pretty today”. i’m guessing she didn’t realize that it was for her nor did anyone, but i guess they all had their predictions. i did tell someone about it and yeah.

this beautiful girl was different in many ways. she had this elegance to her and her ways, which was rather attractive and she also was rather mature.

she felt calm. serene.

she also had a sweet and caring nature to her. i felt a glimpse of it.

i also felt as if she was disguising her pain from all, that well, i saw in her eyes. i did confront her about it. she said no and stuff, but my heart wouldn’t take it.

never told her any of this. and probably never will, for it is time for me to depart again

but maybe someday, if meet again

until then

with love