oh mother

oh mother, tell me
as to why would you, leave me alone
to live in a world, which is oh so cruel
after all the memories,
that i have of you,
since oh i was born.

oh i couldn’t save you,
while you were laying,
motionless on a bed,
while i kept sobbing,
oh begging you to wake up,
oh why won’t you wake up mother?

oh please get up,
before they turn you to ash,
and oh then all i’ll be have of you,
will be just memories.

oh mother, please oh please
forgive me for all the pain,
that i may have caused you.

oh mother,
are you still there,
please answer this once
for i’ve no one,
to show me the path,
that i’m destined to walk.

oh mother,
are you still listening?
oh please come back,
for i cant think nor can i eat something,
for i crave for your touch, over my hair
or those few words of your comfort,
that oh were the reason for me to live.

oh mother,
are you there?
for i dont see anyone,
nor do i feel anything.

oh mother,
but why would you go?
dont you know,
as to how much, you were loved
by this son of yours,
who still lives in this mortal world,
while i find you on a night sky,
wondering as to which one of you,
is really you, mother
but oh that dosen’t matter,
for i told them, i love them all
and oh they twinkled.

the love that i have for you,
oh who do i express to it now,
for now as you’re gone,
i’ve the words in my mouth,
but still i cant seem to speak,
for oh i’m in pain.

i try to forget you,
but oh how can the sun,
ever forget as to from where it rises.

i’m in pain mother,
oh please come back,
and forgive all i have done,
to hurt you,
and oh i promise,
i wont be the thorn,
for the rose, that you always were.

oh i write love,
when i find myself in, oh so much pain
but oh they still talk about me,
but oh what can i do, mother
for oh every where, i go
i witness so much pain,
and oh it’s something,
that my naked eyes, will never get used to

so i try to write love
in the hope of telling all,
that oh love exists,
and oh is so beautiful.

oh mother, tell me
am i that bad, as they say
for i do not know,
as to what will be the future,
of your son,
for he fails and oh fails,
in every aspect of life

oh mother, can you please ask the sky
that oh they tell me,
is your home,
to please oh tell me,
that oh it’ll be fine
just this once,
that oh it’ll be fine,
for i’m losing myself,
only to wish, that oh i was dead.

oh lord,
why did you strip me of my happiness?
why would you, take from me, that oh mattered so much to me
oh what did i ever do
oh tell me, what did i ever do

did i not pray enough,
night after night,
begging you, for a glimpse of her
for just a whisper.

oh how much more,
will you make this world suffer,
for can you not kill all bad,
and let the happy live

can you not for once
be fair,
and not take the people we love?

can you not show mercy,
on those who suffer
every day, in such torment
while they still keep fucking
beg you?

oh yes, this will make us stronger
but oh why dont realize
as to how difficult it is
to live w all of this?

oh tell me,
what;s the purpose of living,
such a life,
oh please tell me

A Dream.

I have a dream
Something I always wanted to do
When I grow up,
With the one,
Who will be for eternity.

After the dinner
Hand in hand we go,
To feel the love
And to feel
What it feels like,
Walking together in absolute silence.

Promise to make you laugh,
With stupid face’s
Promise to make you feel special,
Whenever I can.
Promise to die for you,
Even if you wouldn’t.

Songs we will play,
Discoveries we will make
Wrapped up in a blanket of breeze
Only to spread the warmth of love.


The Perfect Date.

Under the night sky,
With a smiling moon there,
Surrounded by  a constellation of stars,
Dazzling as if its Eclipse.

Perfect day for a date,
Where it will be just you and me.

A place not so fancy,
Isolated from the world,
To make two hearts one.

A lake all around,
With a small island in between.
On a boat we go,
Away from the world.

Paddling the boat in the night sky,
with you in it, smiling!
What more could I ask for?

Boat at a standstill,
only to start a new chapter of life.

Walking on the beach,
Till the place we are meant to be.
Light’s at a distance,
One wonder’s, the other one’s wrought up.

Stopped at last,
Made her sit on the couch,
he made with flowers and  cushions.
With a home theater in front,
And candles on the trees.

Dumbstuck she sat there,
Only to never forget this,

Drinks served,
Movie’s seen.
Conversation’s began,
Only to last Forever.



Are you happy now?

Are you happy now ?
Things shared in vain,
Edged in parting ways.

Are you happy now?
Things untold,
Tranquilly Wailed,
Until one blessed day
Died young.

Are you happy now ?
Brightest night’s,
Transferraled sluggishly into Darkness.

Are you happy now ?
Plans in mind,
Now lies frozen forever.

Are you happy now?



I sat to write a verse,
With a watery cloth over my eyes,
Meekly It fell,
Like those of many,
From sources duped to believe,
What they see.
Sowing feelings was never easy,
But harvesting was even more onerous.
Adulated verses,
Are absolute in themselves.
An ocean of feelings,
In them,
Full of things one can’t ascertain.


First love.

Saw you at the school,
With beautiful eyes.

You walked past me,
As if you were the comet,
And I was the star,
Only to meet, never again.

A wish I made everyday,
To be on her spectacles,
As if she was the moon,
And I was the ocean.

First love,
Is always special.
Trust, agony, Felicitiness,
Constituents mixed carefully
As if she was winters,
And I was summer.

After a year and half,
On a friday,
You waved at me,
If I was the one,
You lost whom you loved the most.

Stunned I stood there,
Wondering if this is a dream.
A dream unsaid until now,
Renamed an incident,
By the one,
That made everything as ‘done’.

Mere words can’t express,
The love I had for you.
As you are a novel,
Of emotions,
Abstract but visible,
Only to me.

The Orphan.

An alliteration I will wish for,
Left to die alone.

A girl at her sweetness,
With a girl of 3.

Wandered with a basket in her hand,
And hair tied in a band.

She walked with a smile,
Emblazoning her face,
Only to forget,
the people who proved them, as futile.

Lived under a shed,
best home in the world she said.

Sold fruits and newspapers,
Got more comments, than the needed.

Food shared in the ratio of Aqua regia,
Times were new, not in the immemorial.