all i want is you smiling

oh how i promised myself
as you told me, that oh you didn’t like rain
to carry you in my arms,
into the wilderness, of the rain
that oh my love, will be our canvas
where our story will be told, till the end of times
for oh my love, tonight
i paint memories with you
only to reminisce them tomorrow

oh my love
how do i tell you
that oh how my heart danced
as it wrote for you, after oh a time so long
for oh i’ve missed, all parts of you
that oh my love once, were the only dreams
i seem to be getting

oh my love
i can’t wait no more
to live the life, i so dream about
but oh with just you, for oh my love
no matter what song i seem to play
all i can hear, is you giggling all along
and oh my love, i fall in love
over and over again.

oh my love, i dream of
walking with you, on these young nights
on oh streets so lonely, yet so warm
for it had us, walking on it
and oh how beautiful, was it all
for my hand just oh won’t let go of yours

oh my dear,
i dream of making love to you
on one such night, when oh it’s meant to be
and oh how lovely would it all feel
as i’d feel all the night inside you
only to feel your warm naked body
over mine, smiling at the beating
of our hearts

oh dear one, how mesmerizing,
would be the moment
when we’d be greeted,
with the news of her coming
only to make me, kiss every inch of that belly
where lies the love of my life,
inside the love of my life.

oh dear wifey, fear not
for i’ll be always there, taking care of you
throughout, only to love you in a way
one didn’t know, she could have been loved

and oh how lovely, would the day be
when our lil one, would open eyes
while sitting on our lap
only to complete this family,
for oh my love, for the first time
in forever, two petals
brought forth a rose,
who was as beautiful, as her mom
only to make me, fall in love
with you, all over again.


i reminisce, as to how
i stumbled upon you
only to talk to you
and oh my love
i still seem to remember
as to how you told me
that oh you’re not so romantic
to which, i remember smiling

oh my love
tonight, i read you write pain
only to wish, that oh my love
i could run away to you
only to give a farewell, to your fears

oh my love,
i see you, as you slowly
wither yourself
only wishing that oh i was there
just so i could kiss away, the smell of tobacco
from those rosey lips
and leave them, with the fragrance,
that my words seem to have

oh how my love, as and when we’d kiss
i’d see the once dusty lips
now smiling back at me
in oh a way oh so exquisite
that oh now were the only thought
i wanted to think about

oh i’ve missed you
more than i can tell you
for oh i still remember, all that you’re

a girl oh so lovely
with a heart oh so innocent
oh how i love making, you smile
for oh my love, you’re a girl so special
if not to all, atleast to me
just the way you’re

today, i mark the beginning
of writing all the romance
that i have in me
just for you
for oh i’ve spent days, keeping all the love
that i seem to be full of within me

let me be, the flicker of hope
that revives you of this sea
where you seem to be lost,
within the cripples of your past
for oh my love, i’m the storm
that has come, to take you away
while you wrap yourself
around me.

oh my love
close your eyes
and witness us, paddling away
into a home, that has been waiting for us
and now as i feel you next to me
it seems, all that i’ve dreamt of
until now, has now become true.

i’ve been feeling v romantic lately. i love feeling romantic.


laying on a bed so cold, reading her warmth, only to listen her, as I slowly taste her words so beautiful. oh who are you? i ask, like i never have, for my hearts singing words tonight, like it never has, but just for you, my love. eyes closing, oh these words pouring, for tonight, i’m a poet, while you’re my poetry. oh look they call you out, from the crevices, i once visited, only to call your words beautiful, and oh they are. just like you.

morning, for i couldn’t sleep, love. for nothing eclipsed my words tonight, for all i wanted was to paint a smile, that you’d wake up, with the first light falling on your face, only to listen your sunrise voice, only to fall in love w you, for you’re no emotion, but a ballad, now immortal, only to smile, like there’s no tomorrow. my heart’s playing Elvis today, for i can’t help falling in love w your words, that i never thought, i’d write, oh but i did.

eyes giving up, but oh they cant, until i make it up to you, for you’re beyond reach, as i’m just a seed, while you’re a rose. oh you’re unknown today, but will you still be, tomorrow? words dancing, as i find myself, waiting for you to read, only to never make it stop, for i’d keep on writing, until one day, i have a novel, that tells them, as to how beautiful your eyes are, only to publish hundreds more, on every inch of you, until all they are in front, while you sitting their smiling, and oh it’d feel complete, for the night might sound silent, but oh it’s not, until your words, gets married to mine, for you’re christmas to my christmas eve. it’s me today, tomorrow it’ll be you, but your smile would be, everyday.