Will you let my poetry,
be the dream, that you’d watch tonight,
for oh my love, as of now
the only thought, that strolls my mind
is of you, laying in my arms
while we cuddle under the stars!

Will you stop me,
if i’d find myself, spending the night
looking into those dreamy eyes of yours,
where, as and when they smile,
it’d be nothing but a dream come true for me.

Will you mind, if i told you
that oh my love, when they asked
me to paint the sun over the moon,
i simply drew my lips, over yours
and oh my love, how beautiful was the feeling?
for oh my love, tonight we kissed for the first time,
for this is the eclipsed bridge, that’d lead to “us”.

Will you mind, if i were to tell you
that you’re the only ballad, my mind can play tonight
that just makes me wish, that oh my love
tonight, i could sing all of you, for nothing has felt so beautiful
in a way, that you do!

Will you mind, my love,
if  i was to love just you
in a way so ardently, only to find
the world tomorrow, talking just about you
for the sky that once blinded, now mesmerises
for you’re the sunflower in red, that now rests in my heart
only to fall in love w all of you, yet again!

Will you?