it is but my dream, to read to you

oh my love, it is but my dream,
to read to you,

all that i may write

for oh how could i ever forget
the way, my tears concluded

as oh my love, it was met with this calmness
in your eyes;

that consoled me softly
as if my love
you were but beside me.

oh how my love,
every gaze of mine,
that finds you
may be further,
than oh you could ever see
but oh my love,
every one of them
lies mesmerized.

oh my love,
i wish to be nearer; to you
than anyone has been

for all that i’m missing today

is just you by my side

oh my love, it is not just a childish dream
that oh shall waver

oh it is but my destiny, that i shall write myself

for oh my love, all the dreams, that i saw myself living

will someday, make you an inseparable part of it

for my love, you belong

only with me.

with love


perhaps, i will be meeting you halfway; settling myself slowly beside you and all that is yours;

can’t seem to see you, clearly for a lot still lies that oh I’m unknown to;

shall await, unwavered; patiently. for the day, when you’d make me familiar to all the scars; forgotten yet not


let there be a wall, even when the mist has cleared itself

it’ll be what brings you closer to me

for oh i shall love you; through it


will arrive a day, when oh my love, even you’d acknowledge

my feelings; my love


love shall thrive, breaking all barriers

oh you don’t need no walls

or the need to experiment with people anymore

for oh my love, i’ll be always there to keep you safe

find yourself in my embrace;

when close; over me, wrapped

when away; in the words that I’d write for you

oh it is to you, that i write this today

the one for me

i’ll be there shortly

until then

with love

all that I’ve written here is based on my experiences. and I’ve had a quite a few.

and oh it is all true.

however, there are two things, that’d I’d like to stress on.

1. if the one that oh you love is just not able to love because of all the hurt that she still carries; oh i ask you to be patient for oh a day will come, when she’ll be ‘able’ again. trust takes time to build. it won’t be easy, but oh if you’re willing, then all the sacrifices will be worth it.

2. halfway symbolizes someone who has lived for quite some time now. oh she’ll have her own story. all of it that is still, unread.

the story belonging to her is rather important for it’ll be what gives you the direction in which oh you should love. listen with care.

if the pain to her speaks about ‘a slap’, from a rather close one, oh make sure, you plant oh so many kisses on her cheek, so as to help ease her pain. and with time, this painful memory to her will heal.

if the pain to her speaks about how she was ‘an unwanted child’, oh let her know, how much really she matters to you. oh let her know how much really is she loved. oh express all that you feel for her. express it.

love heals all.

all that it requires is for one is to be understanding.

love away. love right. love with all you have.


oh how my love, i always wished for a love that oh was handcrafted; and oh how it all seemed to came true, as oh i met you; for the moments with you, the letters to you, the surprises for you; were not something that oh i had planned but oh how they all still seem to fit well, within our story that oh we were nurturing together, as if this was my love, that we were destined to create all along.


oh how beautiful was it, my love? for oh it was but your innocent arrival that oh my love, was all that i ever needed; for oh it was you who taught me as to oh how does it feel really, to be loved? oh it was you, my love who taught me, as to oh how does it feel, to lay safe in an embrace that feels oh so homely. oh my love, it is from you, and that oh i learnt to create. for oh you’re what, my love; fills the colors to all my blanks. you’re what, my love; made me knit the music that oh my love belonged to us so as to fill all the unheard crevices. and it is only because my love, you’re here today, i can say; i do not wish for us live in a world which oh is devoid of pain, but in a world, where oh my love, we can overcome it; hand in hand; together.

to all; i’ve made a space for one and all, to share a part of their journey with me. the origin, essence and the purpose; i’ve elaborated on the same, here.

if you still have any questions, whatsoever. please feel free to ask me.

with love

all that i feel about marriages

oh how even just the utterance of this word, fills me with oh just so many emotions. oh how since the very beginning, of my journey, i’ve but subtly dream of getting married to the one that oh i’d love.
oh how even without ever getting close to live this dream of mine, oh I’m able to imagine far and beyond it; as if it was my reality that oh i lived; from rise, until set.

oh let me walk you around it; as oh i tell you, all about what I feel about it.

anyone who has pursued or is pursuing some form of art, knows as to how as to how the process is more beautiful than the destination itself.
the path that led to ‘create‘ something beautiful is oh just more valuable.

similarly, the path that may lead to your marriage, oh the journey until that would be of much more significance.

oh it doesn’t matter how embarrassing and subtle the beginning of your love maybe, in the end, oh it’ll become just the most sweetest memory as oh you’d reminisce how it all began.

oh all that you may have lived together, will be what holds you as one.

oh the way, love brews itself as time passes, is oh something you’d like to witness unfurl. oh there’s no lovelier of a feeling than to feel her as oh she confides in you more, after having being too blunt about being not interested.

oh it is important to understand, that oh if you’ve genuine feelings for someone and if feeling her beside you for the rest of your life, feels just right, then oh it is you who will have to sacrifice for oh the two of you to become one.

oh there’s no love, without sactifice. for oh somewhere within, she still maybe carrying, the burden of her past that oh will affect the choices to her, that oh she makes in the present.

oh you’ll have to be patient with your love. oh you’ll have to be able to understand, what all she means and what all she doesn’t.

with time, she too will realize the feelings that oh you have for her.

and oh then will come a day when oh even she would feel the strong emotions that you’ve felt for a while now. oh she too will be able to imagine.

oh it is but all the experiences that oh you live together, is what that oh really brings one closer to other even when they were never meant for it to happen. oh no memory that you both write in your present is small. it all is important.

let go of the ill feelings for oh if you don’t; they will end up destroying you and her.

and when all of this said and done; oh the most blissful day to your lives, shall come to life.

for oh how can two people in love not; help themselves but flutter at the thought of waking up next to the one that they love, after having to have longed for oh the most simplest of gestures.

oh tell me that oh you won’t like to have her beside you as oh she’d smile the most natural to her, as oh she would try to open her eyes, early; only to have you pull her closer.

oh how beautiful would be the feeling, when oh you’d cuddle with her; the first thing in the very morning. oh to whisper a few words of love, only to feel your lips entwine on hers is a feeling that oh shall always feel evergreen.

oh how precious is the life of the married one’s, for oh it is not everyone who gets to feel such comfort. who oh feels this safe. who oh feels this loved.

oh it is rare, but oh it exists. this isn’t a tale that you only read in stories.

oh how i can imagine, as oh she’d resign on my lap, after a day oh so tiring, only for me to feed her as oh she just chews and be the cutest of them all.

oh i can’t stress as to how beautiful such moments are for me, really.

oh how full of giggles would it all be, to see her all mad at me, as oh i’d tease her and prank her in my own ways.

oh how i can imagine me being all goofy. oh how I see myself, leaving a toy cockroach (from my toy insect collection that i specially bought to prank her) on top of her phone, only to then turn to the most innocent creature as I ask her what time is it?

oh how she’d freak out and oh i’d lay there, laughing just so hard. oh I’m rather kind so I’ll be sure to record this exchange and share this with all our friends and family. oh it’ll be fun.

there are a million more instances of such moments, that oh i can write.

love isn’t short, in it’s reach.

allow yourself to be loved. and the rest of it, shall fall on it’s own place.

oh i cannot wait to get married, but i guess, all i can do at this point is wait for someone who would feel a lil different than rest.

i personally know myself and so i probably would go for a live in, for oh i won’t require me and the girl I’d be in love with to be married, just so i could be there for whenever she may need it.

oh i do not care for the society or the people around.

oh no one will stop me to love her in a way, that oh she deserves.

oh no one will stop me from doing the smallest of things for her.

oh i cannot wait to be goofy. oh i cannot wait to love. oh i just cannot wait to be, ‘together’. for once.

this is what a married life should look like.

if you cannot be your most goofiest self, then what’s the point of loving anyway?

oh tell me, where’s the comfort in oh such a marriage?

oh how will you love, if you live in an constant fear?

oh what is the meaning of a marriage, wherein you’re just there; caring not, if oh you matter or not. if the feelings to you, matter or not.

forget marriage.

the same applies to all those who are in a relationship.

do not indulge in any bond, wherein you’re denied the respect, the love, the care and all that you desire for.

confront and if all you still hear are excuses; oh just let go.

let go, caring not how painful it all is.

to all those parents who seem to revert to arrange marriages without even caring if the pair that they want them to spend the rest of their lives with is in sync or not; oh you should reflect on the choices that you make.

marriage is no light hearted matter. many lives has been lost because of a few bad decisions.

relationships cannot be forced. nor they should be.

love naturally. synthetics in your emotions, will only pollute.

to all those women, who don’t feel as confident, because of all the rejections; oh do not, blame yourself or look down on yourself.

learn to say no, when it’s needed. and stand up for yourself.

it’s okay to be naive. but if you’re just fool, then it is you and only you, who has to make the effort and clear the mist, that the innocence to you has caused. do not be fooled.

you are all strong and capable.

you’re all beautiful.

love right. love honestly.

to all the guys; be sensitive to her emotions; of the one that oh you’d like to marry.

be true to your own self and do not act as if you come ‘above’ them in anyway. you do not own them.

do not love, if you cannot maintain it.

keep in check; the lust to you.

to all; please oh please, do not pollute this idea of marriage.

amidst all the pain, that exists today, this is something, that oh is the hope and dream, for many. do not ruin it for them.


with love

the stranger who felt rather beautiful

i closed my eyes, in wonder
peeking within my imagination
so as to decide, what is it really
my love, that i seem to find the most beautiful

was it the sunset sky?
or was it where the land and water met, at a stretch?

until oh my love, my eyes stumbled upon the thought of you

and the words that you write

realizing how it all begins, only when i’d feel you beside me

under the same sky, walking against the; path of the breeze

caring not for where i’m, but only for the jewel, next to me
that oh i’ll let no tide, drift away

oh how my love, you seem to adorn
all that you visit;
all that you gaze at;
all that you hold.

oh how i seem to have felt, the sweetness in you
along with the wisdom and innocence

that you no longer have to carry

for these words, that i write today
will sketch all that and more

that maybe,
only i could see.

oh how my love, i seem to have lost myself

as your rosey lips, smiled at me

on the day, when the dark skies in this city of mine

and oh your eyes; looked it’s prettiest

with colors oh my love,

that you gave birth to

on the day, you wore that white dress

only to whisper shyly; looking into mine

‘i do.’

well, i stumbled upon this lady, who just felt rather warm and sweet. there was just something about her, that felt rather beautiful to me.

this heart of mine, couldn’t resist, but write for her

i wrote whatever that came to me, as i closed my eyes and thought of her

unfiltered; raw

for you. :)

with love

you are not alone; anymore

oh no women should be left alone in the process of giving birth or raising a part of her.

oh the pain to their stories; i feel it even when they never express it to you

oh how she feels just not the pain to her but also of the child

mother; towards

why is dad not home, ma?

ma, will dad come this time for my birthday?

ma, am I bad child? then why doesn’t dad call me or meet us?

ma, i came first in my class. will dad come now, ma?

ma, can we ask dad if he could come this time at our picnic?

mother; itself

if only someone could take me to the hospital. she has been moving a lot within me and oh i just don’t seem to have the strength to do it on my own

i wish i could dress my awaiting one, in those pretty cute small clothes, i saw the other day at the mall

i hope i could sleep a wink tonight. only if i had someone beside who could go check up on her

i am a lil hungry today. but at least he ate well.

he has been asking for a new pair of shoes for a while now.

it’s rather cold today. at least i’ve my lil ball of joy. but i just wished, i had someone to… nvm :)

it is but a mystery as to oh how a few can let go of the people, they travelled so far with, in the name of love; on their own to survive as if they were never a part of it

whenever i come across a lady such as that, oh i envision myself in a dream

a dream that oh i shall live

oh how i close my eyes and imagine myself, sitting on the couch, near the fireplace. oh how a few candles near, adorned all around us, with light. oh how my hands were around a lady, who oh was but the one i fell in love. oh how warm did she feel, as oh i felt her on my lap, laying oh so sweetly, whilst burying her head on my chest.

oh how the lil one, whose welcome was not something I could share; but oh she still belonged to me since the day, i met with her; unrehearsed.

oh how loving, made not one but so many of my dreams come true and oh i couldn’t be more happy

oh how this is but one of the many dreams

that oh my love, we will live

for indeed there way many incidents where you felt hurt

but oh there are many more ways in which oh my love, i shall love you and that my love is one promise, that oh i wouldn’t even break in my death, for all that i create today will be there still; just for you.

oh let this society label, all it wants. for it still would be no one to decide, whose perfect and whose not

i shall love, whoever it is i fall in love with. the past to them, won’t and oh just shouldn’t matter to me.

especially when it will be you on the other side, for the one i love need not be ‘perfect’

with love


i read this really well written thing, by a lady, whom oh i do not know and oh how she reminded and made me realize something.

in 4th

i was always a rather shy child. and just really sensitive. oh how now that i reminisce, i recall crying so many times, whenever oh i would lose a pencil or a rubber.

or when this guy would hide my stuff, for his own fun.

oh my tears had no end. for oh losing something that oh was familiar to me would always break me and oh i was never taught as to how should one cope up with a loss that oh may seem small, but oh it meant so much more to me.

i come from a very lonely place, whilst in school

and that’s why, i guess, these inanimate objects were the only friends i had wherein i was in my most comfort.

oh how I’d cry, when the teacher would ask me to switch places, after i would have in my own childish ways got oh just so close to the one sitting beside me.

in 3rd

oh even then, i seem to have loved being alone, for oh i remember as the kids were chirping and having fun, i chose a seat next to the teacher.

for oh no one wanted to be my friend, nor oh i knew how to befriend one. and oh i still do not.

in 8th

i remember being in tears later; i told my sister that oh i had no friends. oh i remember telling her, how no one ever talked to me or played with me. oh how i told her a few things about my loneliness about which even I didn’t understand anything

and so it is indeed true, i come from a rather lonely place

oh i was not in the wrong, yet oh i had to suffer

oh was it my fault that oh i was sensitive to the smallest of things

oh why. why was it me who was taken advantage of

just because i was innocent to the ways of this world

oh tell me, why

make my childhood feel blissful and not as the time when i was the most insecure

oh this however was just the beginning of the exploitation of the innocence in me

for oh i lost so much more after that

and oh yet, here I’m today

talking and dreaming of love, all the time

for oh it is indeed true, i do not want anyone’s innocence be stripped of them

just like it was for me

oh i can only love one, but oh let the way i love

set an example as to oh how should you love

for oh i prefer to remain a fool, who believes in love and all stories fairytale

for that is the only truth, my pain taught me

and that will be, all i ever preach

love away.

especially you, eve.

with love

peek at how i create

i’ll be sharing rather lucidly as to how do i go about writing something. everything that i write or have written has it’s own process and a form of inspiration behind it. it could be something that i saw or felt. it could be a lady, who I like or have feelings for. or something in someone whom i do not know, but oh it intrigued me.

i do put a lot of thought before syncing the words one after the other. every word, every line and all to it: symbolizes something. it has a meaning behind it, which well may not be visible as clearly as it is to me but oh it is there.

however, today i’ll be particularly talking about this post of mine, that i wrote rather recently. the stranger who felt rather beautiful.

the beginning is rather self explanatory. the inspiration behind these words, was indeed a stranger to me, but what i felt in her; wasn’t.

while just strolling around wordpress, i stumbled upon this lady, who had just so much to her that intrigued me; that just felt so really beautiful to me. the innocence and a sense of sweetness; belonging to her heart. oh these were just one of many, that oh turned me into a poet, for her.

i ccouldn’t resist, but express. it was rather late, but oh the emotions that oh i were feeling after this encounter, made me write.

the poetry began as follows.

‘i closed my eyes, in wonder
peeking within my imagination
so as to decide, what is it really
my love, that i seem to find the most beautiful

was it the sunset sky?
or was it where the land and water met, at a stretch?

whenever I’m feeling, the most romantic and oh just full of love; to write something. to create, oh i close my eyes and imagine it all, as to how would it feel. as to oh how would i feel, before inking it within paper. and oh I wrote just that, to begin this.

this lady, who felt just oh so beautiful, had a picture of her, amidst the sunset, near a seemingly beach side.

and oh to that, i pondered, which one looked more beautiful between the two of them.

“until oh my love, my eyes stumbled upon the thought of you
and the words that you write

realizing how it all begins, only when i’d feel you beside me

under the same sky, walking against the; path of the breeze

caring not for where i’m, but only for the jewel, next to me
that oh i’ll let no tide, drift away”

oh how i didn’t have to ponder on that thought anymore, after oh my gaze caught a sight of her and oh i realized as to how, oh all that lies around me, could feel beautiful; only if oh she was there with me. for without her around; i wouldn’t be able to appreciate the beauty of this nature as much that oh i did, when she was there.

for oh to walk under the same sky as her, feels much more beautiful to me, than walking alone under the same sky. the presence of someone; you’ve feelings for, just turns all things bland into a magical experience.

oh if I were to be very honest, during this and oh just in general, it is never really the nature, that oh i care about. it is about the presence, that oh i really want beside, for that is what i really care about and not really as to where i was. it is the love and bond, that i share, is what that matters and just adds up a lot more, to the beauty with which we perceive things. that is what I tried to portray, in the lines “realizing………me”.

the word jewel has many meanings hiding within it. jewels are referring to the sunset, that oh i saw in the sky and as well as this picture of her, where she was wearing, ornaments oh so traditional.

keeping all these in my mind, and the fact that oh i just really cared for her, for she was the only amidst all that i was around, that oh felt like a jewel to me. out of all the jewels, she felt like the one and only for me.

oh how my love, you seem to adorn
all that you visit;
all that you gaze at;
all that you hold.

i personified ‘jewel’. with the same residing thought; i expressed as to how she adorned me, in various ways.

oh how i seem to have felt, the sweetness in you
along with the wisdom and innocence

that you no longer have to carry

for these words, that i write today
will sketch all that and more

that maybe,
only i could see.

her words, her eyes, the tone in which she wrote; had glimpses of her innocence and the wisdom, that oh she had in her.

my words shall store all these sides to her and all the pain, that she carries so as to lighten her, just so she could fly again. the pain to her may not be visible to all. but oh I’ve always felt a lil too much, so i may not miss it, no matter how vaguely she expresses it.

oh how my love, i seem to have lost myself

as your rosey lips, smiled at me

on the day, when the dark skies in this city of mine

and oh your eyes; looked it’s prettiest

with colors oh my love,

that you gave birth to

on the day, you wore that white dress

only to whisper shyly; looking into mine

‘i do

oh I saw a picture of her, with red lipstick. and oh all that came to me after was ‘rosey lips’. also her eyes had mascara on them, which oh outlined them and oh they resembled petals.

just like pain is reflected in one’s eyes as and when they tear. so does their smile. her eyes, looked just so pretty. oh I couldn’t help but get lost in them.

as I started earlier that it was rather late, when oh i was writing this, hence that’s how ‘dark skies’ came out to be.

also dark skies, look rather pretty with clouds scattered and a moon peeking amongst them.

she also had a picture of her in white. white basically is an amalgum of all the seven colors. so, ‘the colors that she gave birth to’, for she was dressed colorless.

also white dresses are what i like to imagine, my lady would be wearing on her wedding day. and so, ‘I do’.

so well, briefly this was all that was in my mind and heart when i was writing this poem. i probably may have missed a few here and there, but you may have got a slight idea.

i wrote sequel to this. it has it’s own journey.

anyway, i really loved writing this. and this was the first time i added pictures, that were true to what i wrote. it sort of was what may have been lacking all along.

i generally don’t write and tell, but in this case i did. although, i didn’t say anything apart from that. was just feeling shy. still do. but yeah.

thank you for reading.

with love