she’s well versed in many while the only verse I seem to care about is the one with her in it

the causes of this love in me that oh my love, you may feel was only after my gaze caught a glimpse of your eyes that felt oh just so pretty; making me but dream of you laying in my arms as I comb softly through your hair under the moonlight and oh how beautiful was it all? for my genre seems love but oh it always has been you.

the memories to you; became what gives life to the dreams that i bore

oh my love, i can see through it all. this is where we shall end up, after all that is sour, has come to an end. a sky oh so clear, with a wooden cottage, that oh my love, was our home.

oh do not fear, if the electricity to our house was cut, for oh my love, we can always instead, under a moon and talk about all things that oh are dear to us.
about all things, that oh my love, we dream of.

oh my love, share the fears to you, that you chose to hide. let this land; away from all noise, feel the salt to your tears, as you try to hide them, while confessing all that you had to go through.
oh my love, i promise you, no one else will ever, step over them again.

for oh you and the love in you shall rise again, for oh my love, this time; i shall plant flowers every where; you’d shed a tear. oh let us add more gardens to our home, for oh my love, this is how i tell you, as to how your pain, gave birth to something just oh so pleasant.
oh you adorned me, my love. you adorned our land. and now, someday when we shall hear her first cry, oh you will but again, adorn our home.

feel the love again, my love. feel every side to it. feel all that you didn’t feel for oh just so long.

for it was a part of you then. it is a part of you, still. oh i feel it.

oh the romance to me doesn’t seem to mind for any season, for oh it blooms, across the year, caring not, for the extremes, for the love to me, will always find a way on it’s own, so as to love you.

oh the love in me, only seems to grow more passionate each second, and oh my love, i seem to love it just so much, as and when i involve myself with it; oh so deeply.

the snow at it’s edges, oh how it adorns this grassy land. oh i glanced at this picture, which oh my love, was oh a memory, for the one who met with;
but oh how it still fit perfectly, in this really simple dream of mine, that oh i would have lived, if oh my love, i was there, when oh you were meeting all alone.

oh how i can imagine, after strolling for miles straight with the one i love, i’d want to sit and just gaze; softly.
at her and all that surrounds us.

oh how beautiful would it be, to pull you close in my arms, as i lay on this grass; oh how all of it, feels just oh so exquisite.
oh i can feel my back brushing against the grass, as i hold on to you tightly, telling you oh how this is so much better than all the places that felt just so urban to lay on.

oh let my clothes get covered with dirt, i do not care for it. for oh the love that i feel, as i tease you amidst this breeze, is of much more value to me.

oh feel as i kiss my way from your forehead to your lips oh so soft.
oh feel my lips breeze through along the path of the breeze, that kisses your lips and oh the most tender parts to you; alike.

oh my love, let me tease you a lil. let me hold on to you for a lil more longer and oh my love, let me just love you, in ways such as this, time and again.

oh my love, you will wake up to me; during the sunrises
oh close them with you on my lap; beside a sky, that’s about to set

everyday; from the day, i sworn to be by your side

in ways, that oh my love, may look different

but oh felt all the same

whispering this poetry

or some other that oh would come to me

with oh just full of love.

a tiny friend of mine, sent me these pictures. and well, they are her ‘memories.’ the title should make sense now.

i’m uncertain about a lot of things in my life. but oh i still seem to realize more of love.

let go. live the way you desire. love the way you like. love warm. love soft. love passionately. love kind.

and oh make love. it’d feel beautiful. and so shall the lady, who’d be w you.

that’s how it is meant to be.

love is not a chore. don’t let it become that.

with love

i shall love you in pauses, until oh my love, i can love you whole

oh my love, your eyes are the most eloquent of them all, for even a mere utterance of affection in them seems to revoke the feelings of love and romance that oh i paused within, for all that you do, my love
even when you never meant for it to happen
is oh but mesmerize.

oh my love, loving feels like a journey to me. this journey that is but oh a dream come true, since you

a dream; never heard of; never really seen before

but oh was what my heart sought for
the most within

love seems to be ethereal, and oh my love, so does this thought
of being with you

for oh nothing is more pleasing to my eyes, than gazing at a tryst; between two in love;

such as us.

for oh my love, i may have heard many stories

but my favorite was the one
that oh my love
i was destined to write w you.

oh how i hope to begin
to walk with you.

oh if only i could, oh i would

oh my love, i would
speak the love, that sparked in me, since the first day, that oh my love, i stumbled upon you

oh my love, i handpicked a few phrases
that oh were in my heart

for a stranger who felt rather beautiful

knowing not, my love

those phrases

lived to became; a few notes and chords alike

and oh how all, who heard distantly, termed them as music

while all it was really my love

was me, reciting what oh i felt so deeply about you

oh how you adorn, all there’s to it
oh so softly;

fitting but perfectly.

oh i wish, my love, i could speak fluently
about the beauty that oh i see in you;

the beauty that oh you make me feel

for opening my eyes, whilst in love
with you

feels like waking up against the sun
with you wrapped in my arms

our gazes sync; so does your hand in mine

and oh how really beautiful is it all, my love?

oh i wish to love you and walk on this journey
that oh my love

for oh this journe, that leads to you, is oh my love
difficult enough
but i shall continue, until i reach you

for oh my love and all that i feel
is worth nothing
if oh my love, i could never love you

for this my love, is all i seem to know

this my love, is all i seem to want

with love

the loving truth

if the truth be told, it is no mystery as to how pain really overwhelms this world of ours and the lives of everyone, it comes across.

amidst all that one goes through; oh one might wonder

what is it really to have someone, you could love;

what is it really to have someone, you could rely on;

what is it really, to have someone you can trust,

oh there is a time, when everyone seeks the answers to these few and many more that lies within their soul

and so did i.

oh i shall share tonight, what i came up with

this is all i believe in and this belief of mine, will never waver, for it was once embedded deep within me, but now has become a part of me.

let me whisper the dream, that i saw with you, before oh my love, we begin to walk on this road

oh my love, i saw you looking into my eyes, only to softly graze my palm, by your eyes, asking you to close them,
and oh how so softly, they set; with you at it’s shore; smiling shy

oh my love, hear me whisper, that you’re safe, as oh i pick you up in my arms

oh you’ll hear no noises, but just the music, that oh my love, i’ve for you.
the music is but my love, all that i feel for you; as and when i see you
oh it is all that you’re, even when you don’t realize it
oh it is all that that you should have been told

oh hear it all, my love
for oh it all is but for you

oh how my love, as we walked on this selfish land, amidst streams of people

i was still smiling, for oh i was loving

oh it is and always was; to be able to love, that brought me the utmost joy

that is why, oh my love

glancing at you laying oh so sweetly, made all the thorns, i stepped on, worth it

oh my love, let me make you feel love; in a way, one doesn’t seem to think that exists; but oh it does

for that is the only i way i seem to know how to love and care for

oh my love, hold my hand, and memorize my touch

for that will be what i want you to always remember, when i’m not beside

oh my love, let me help you remember, this care and oh the way we didn’t let go

of each other; of your hand in mine

for oh my love, even when i’m not with you; and oh my love, you’d no longer

have to be at your toes; as you step in this world oh so big

for the memories, i knit for you;

the dreams, that oh i see for you;

and oh the love, that i’ve for you

will always keep you warm.

i found my solitude in loving. it made me happy.

to be loved, is your solace

you’re not alone.

with love

the stranger who felt rather beautiful

i closed my eyes, in wonder
peeking within my imagination
so as to decide, what is it really
my love, that i seem to find the most beautiful

was it the sunset sky?
or was it where the land and water met, at a stretch?

until oh my love, my eyes stumbled upon the thought of you

and the words that you write

realizing how it all begins, only when i’d feel you beside me

under the same sky, walking against the; path of the breeze

caring not for where i’m, but only for the jewel, next to me
that oh i’ll let no tide, drift away

oh how my love, you seem to adorn
all that you visit;
all that you gaze at;
all that you hold.

oh how i seem to have felt, the sweetness in you
along with the wisdom and innocence

that you no longer have to carry

for these words, that i write today
will sketch all that and more

that maybe,
only i could see.

oh how my love, i seem to have lost myself

as your rosey lips, smiled at me

on the day, when the dark skies in this city of mine

and oh your eyes; looked it’s prettiest

with colors oh my love,

that you gave birth to

on the day, you wore that white dress

only to whisper shyly; looking into mine

‘i do.’

well, i stumbled upon this lady, who just felt rather warm and sweet. there was just something about her, that felt rather beautiful to me.

this heart of mine, couldn’t resist, but write for her

i wrote whatever that came to me, as i closed my eyes and thought of her

unfiltered; raw

for you. :)

with love

when the romance to me, is at it’s peak

oh my love, i just can’t seem to wait for you a glimpse longer. oh how my love, i just can’t let time tease me anymore, for oh the passion that oh my love, i’ve for you just cannot be contained, henceforth

oh my love, i can feel you laying in my arms and oh how do i express it to you, as to how much i love it really, when you show that sweet and naive side to you, that oh my love, loves and kisses me, times i’ve lost count of.

oh my dear, i seem to love every bit of it, oh holding you tight; feeling you close; looking at you smiling after your lips had been on mine; oh they all feel just so homely to me. warm in ways, i always wish for it to never end. for oh my love, it’ll never be enough.

oh your touch, has more to it than just it’s presence. oh it ripens all that was ever withered in me.

feel as i pave my own way, so as to love you, in ways you never knew, you could be loved.

oh my love, feel me breathe on your neck. oh how i feel your palms oh so soft, as i pull you towards me. feel my light beard graze on your soft skin, and hear me whisper all that i feel for you, for oh my love, tonight you feel oh so beautiful.
let me kiss on your neck, while oh my love, you moan oh so tenderly, holding on to me, tight.

her lips on mine; her presence on me.

oh my love, lay me down, and oh let me feel you all over. let your tongue entwine with mine. oh how beautiful does it feel my love, as i graze my hands through your back, only to grab your ass. oh my love, i want you to feel, as i get hard.

oh kiss your way down, my love only to taste me in ways like you never have. look into my eyes, throughout. feel with me, my love. feel.

only to then surprise you strong, as oh i flip sides.

oh feel me my love, as i oh so gently bite your lips and oh how beautifully did your smile feel, just after? i lost myself in the ocean that is you where all the stars seems like our home, but oh my love, only when you reside on each of them, smiling.

i kiss her palm; her palms kiss me harder.

oh my love, i can’t wait to feel the way your touch ignites this very passion in me. oh i can feel, every part of me, longing for but this, tonight.
as oh i imagine all that there is to it and oh baby, how beautiful, would it all be?
oh i cant seem to wait, to hold you tight, while i wrap all of me around you.
and oh my love, i would love the way you feel; you’re; you become.

the sweet end to the wet beginning.

close your eyes my love and lose yourself to me kissing you to sleep, like no one will ever, for oh no matter what, in the end, it’ll always end up sweet and just full of giggles, for that is when, my love. i shall began to start loving you in the silence of it all.

with love


my eyes tune scenic as not the sight that opens itself amidst hills; but oh it is the one wherein they are but gazing at you smile

all art is supposed to be an imitation of nature, but oh how i can’t seem to agree with it, since all that i’ve ever written have always been but a glimpse of her; for in urban and rural alike, she was all that i ever knew as ‘scenic’.

with love

answering a few questions :)

well, so i answered a few random questions.

how often do you play sports?
i don’t really, anymore.

are you usually early or late?
i’d like it late, but it’s rather early because of work or something that’s always going on in my mind

what kind of outfit would you like your partner in as you’d began making love?
i’d like something cute, but attractive at the same time. maybe the bunny costume. it’s pretty exciting

do you like to cook?
i don’t really mind cooking. i really feel that I’d like it even more if there someone else too, for it’s a lil boring to cook for yourself. it’s exciting to see the other person react to your food even if it lacks something. at least you made a memory. it’s valuable.

how often do you masturbate?
once a week or maybe more. depends really

have you ever been skinny dipping?
i’ve not, but i’d love to

what do you never hope to lose?
ummm, the way i seem to love, love. i’d like that to stay with me forever.

what job would you be terrible at?
everything else apart from what i was passionate about

how many times have you made love in a day?
i guess, around four

have you ever made a sex tape?
not yet, but even if i do, no one will ever know. but i’ll probably write something on it too and share it with the lady, i wrote it for. i kinda want to try it. but i guess i’ll have to wait.

do you enjoy making love in the shower?
who doesn’t, really?

do you prefer eye contact or not?
yess, please

would you say you’re naughty?
well, what do you think?

do you enjoy being out in nature?
well, i really do. nature excites me. oh my home will have walls, but oh it will still feel like a forest. my home and all to it, will be as close to nature, as one could get.

what’s the best way to spend a rainy afternoon? as i close my eyes, oh all that ever came to me was romance. but then, there’s so much more. but I’ll still stick to what I know.

what would your perfect room look like?
wooden walls and flooring. a graffiti, something related to love, on the wall beside the bed. a small bed for two. weights; under the bed.
lots of pictures on the other walls. a open window, where you can sit, while looking outside. a grand piano somewhere near. open sketchbooks, a canvas laid out on a stand, amidst other instruments; mixed within art.
dried sketches on the desk, from last night with a lamp nearby and so on.

what’s your claim to fame?
don’t really think about these things, so yeah

what is something you can never seem to finish?

do you like to kiss while making love?
yes. all over.

what’s the longest you’ve ever gone without making love?
three years.

do you prefer making love with lights on or lights off?
dim lights

what’s something you like to do the old-fashioned way?
love, maybe? i’m quite old fashioned. in many ways.

do you prefer to be on top or bottom?

what’s your favorite time of day to make love?
all hours feel passionate when oh you’re in love and oh time really flies by, even when you only just cuddle. so, it’s really any. whenever the two of you are in sync and the most passionate.

what challenging thing are you working through these days?
to create without being perished

what are you absolutely determined to do?
pursue the dreams, i saw as a child

what’s your favorite drink?
i don’t really drink so, any non-alcoholic beverage would do

what skill would you like to master?
to be not hurt, if someone were to leave

what kind of art do you enjoy most?
the one where in which, all of them will be together as one

what do you wish you knew more about?
as to what really lies in her heart

do you have a name you’d like to name your child?
i’ll name one of my daughter’s, Jeena. and maybe, bahaar. that’s all i’ve for now

what is the most heartwarming thing you’ve ever seen?
a daughter being motherly towards her mother.

what’s worth spending more on to get the best?

so yeah, that’s all there’s to it. i guess, no count of questions will ever suffice the heart of a person or as to what he’s thinking for there’s so much to it. but a glimpse is better than nothing.

i’m a lil blank these days. it’s just a phase. anyway. thankyou for reading.

with love

you’re the essence behind all that i create

oh my love, how when you talk about in
fragments; about you being difficult;
to be able to be loved and oh to desert alike;
you still feet oh just so perfect.
for oh my love, as i walked on the paths, that oh you’re quiet to
express; oh the flaws to you, don’t feel like flaws anymore.
for oh my love
the footsteps to you that oh i stumbled upon oh just so unexpectedly;
made me realise the truth to your innocent love that oh my love, manifested itself within my eyes.

i unknowingly indeed, but oh I felt at last what beats in you and oh my
love, it felt but beautiful: as oh I befriended, all the sides to you;

only to imagine, as to how exquisite will it be, my love
to caress you; to love you

for oh my love, oh how my love i wished to the sun to set, behind your gaze
every eve. with you laying next to me
as oh my love, our lips would meet.

oh my love, i closed my eyes willingly; blissfully
for oh it was you, who oh made me realize the places where light was yet to

oh all of them would feel oh just so homely
as long, my love as you’d be in my embrace

oh i still remember reading about oh how you were talking about being rather difficult, in aspects not just one. and oh i presume it is because of all the layers of pain, that oh you experienced.

but oh my love, i also felt more to you; as oh i dwelled within you rather intricately.
oh i understand that oh you may waver before confiding in you.
and oh my love, just like oh you said, what is a love, without the challenges in it?

it is the beauty of such a beginning. for loving was never meant to be easy.

oh my love, I feel for you, in ways, that oh i never really do, only to
pursue you; even if this path of mine that i intend to walk on, may hurt. for
loving you, just so i could feel you in my embrace, may just be worth all the
tears and silences.

oh i shall not lose hope, even if things started going sour, amidst; for oh
i’ll let my words that oh I’d write around here, become my hope so as to
someday write and oh live a life, with you in it.

oh these words and all that i write, my love; will always be here, even if you couldn’t be.

you’re the essence behind all that i may create.

with love